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have anyone heard of the site called real-sexcontacts?


As a couple we used a.f.f for a few months and this site is very similar. Like any swinging site you have to have the right approach and be willing to put time and effort in creating a good profile and contacting the right people. Of course a lot of sites have members who aren’t genuine but as the saying goes, anything that looks too good to be true often is. All the women and couples (and ocassionally men) that we met didn't just assume that we were fake and sent a decent and proper introduction message and most importantly had full and complete description of themselves with photos. If you use your common sense you can always have fun. Be wise and stay safe. Oh and a little tip. If you’re a genuine couple join as a female instead of a male. That way you can reply to messages for free ;-) norfolk.coupleJL9 and seeking.couplesJL9

Sussex Man

Well I could write a thesis on both Real Sex Contacts (RSC) and BangMatch (BM). Both are fraudulent scam websites that lure the unsuspecting bloke into believing that there are a bevy of lovely ladies just gagging for it! The conversation comes round to sex and frankly the only beneficiary here would be a Tena Lady salesman! The ladies are gorgeous, but the people running the profiles are probably spotty, fat adolescents based in a boiler room in Russia, or some other country! Where the photos come from I can only guess!

Basic rule of life is this: If it seems too good to be true then it very likely is!

BM have exactly the same women on their website as RSC, the photos on BM however are of a poorer quality and cropped! The profiles are exactly the same, but the people running those profiles are different. For example, there is a lady on BM who claims to be a community nurse living in Worthing (she is almost permanently on-line, or her profile handler is). On RSC this same lady is a receptionist in Crawley!

On RSC they haven't quite got the shift changes sorted - around 4pm in the afternoon you will get 2 messages responding to your earlier post within a minute, with completely different syntax - no way they could come from the same person!

So, by bitter experience and cost, you will find that the person you have been chatting to 'exclusively' is running multiple aliases. If you think you are getting close to arranging a meeting, they will just lead you on and prevaricate, because all these websites are interested in is keeping you on their website spending money! The 'ladies' would sell their own children and grandmothers down the river to keep you chatting, so they can earn their commissions!

One last observation is that RSC is heavily censored, anything that looks like a number embedded in text is deleted, even a word like 'booking' is deleted.

So my final advice is this. Stay away, save your money and if you really need to get laid either spend the money on a more upmarket website, or find a nice lady who offers a BFGFE - the cost of that will be minimal compared to getting hooked on RSC or BM, it’s all about trading certainty for uncertainty!


I joined realsexcontacts and later found my photo on bangmatch. I sent an email to bang match and 7 days later still no reply Frown


It's a scam dudes.

Anything to do with sex contacts is generally a scam. Always has been. Always will be.

Anything to do with "dating" is usually a scam.

Why would someone offer you a free service to use their webspace for nothing. Sex sites rarely obtain advertising, so there is nothing to pay for them. They're not in the business of being charitable. They're only interested in hooking you in.

The pictures are fake, the profiles are fake, they're operated by dedicated teams or by individuals receiving commission.

Think of all the subscription Russian marriage agencies, all the "local" sex contacts and married women and milfs, and the "local" swingers. All fakes designed to reel you in.

Save yourself some money, time, and the risk of an STD (though that's unlikely to happen) and don't bother.


I have used the site for a long time, too long but the chat has really helped me get over a crap divorce. It has been good therapy although expensive. Anyway I concentrated on two local girls within 5 miles. Neither no matter how much pleading would not meet. Kept sending my number by code but easy to decipher. Even their computers at the other end deciphered it. Crap,computers don't work like that so someone else was blanking out the number. Over two years some of the replies were iffy. Read the T&C's which tell you basically they use stand-ins to continue chat. Anyway the girls. One single, local, no kids. Couldn't verify any local information. Her site name AshleySexyGrl. They have now changed the site but was able to download the pictures before and do a picture search. The reason the bathroom plug bothered me being a spark. The results returned that she is actually Ashley Skyy, a Georgian pornstar. Although her own sites pics are more glamour than porn. Next to the other profile which I will not divulge because she may just actually be genuine. Again within 5 miles, divorced, two children.Now anybody with kids who has been through a divorce will tell you trying not to introduce strangers to them is bad. Trying to find time for sex is difficult, especially if you are a dedicated parent. So she did tell tell me her mate had introduced her. I found her mate in the same town, on the site of course. She told me what she did for work and there is such a place for her particular job locally. However there is nothing concrete that can be verified. I begged her to meet for just a coffee but she couldn't, again realistically feasible. She still maybe genuine but be realistic guys. If you're married look at your wife how do you know she is not on a site like this. Is she the kind of person who would? No so why would any other woman. The percentage of women who do casual sex is very, very, very small. Can you see a woman taking the risk of meeting a total stranger for sex? Ask another woman who I know was raped. Are the women on the site fake? After 2 years I'm not sure. Maybe some are maybe sum aren't but take it for what it is, a chat site.


likely to be spambots pumping out messages a geniuine site is like a needle in a desert


this website is fake for dating, it is only for chat! And only men pay for messenger for women it free. So women lie for them is good have dirty chat, and for website too have money! Only men not happy lol. Check profile (Lickitlisa 27 years old from Kent) and (make_me_wet56 37 years old from Essex) both they use the same photo Smile


most of profiles of women confirmed as real from other members, but this only for deception, to decide men at chat with the aim of making money from men's!


Hi nox, I’ve been using the site for a few weeks and I’ve had varying amounts of success. Some but I wouldn't say loads. I’m in Kent so I checked out Lickitlisa and make_me_wet56 that you mentioned as I wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up but they seem to have different pics? Did you mean some other members? I’d be interested to find out as I usually search the Kent area only but I've also met 1 woman in Essex so I sometimes search there too


forget the essex women on this site obnoxious full of themselves and stuck up bitches i look exactly like the picture i used on the site and she said i looked nothing like the picture in real life how is that possible when i had my picture taken only a few weeks ago ! ! ! if she didnt like how i looked she could have just told the truth instead of accusing me of not looking like my picture and wasting my time for travelling

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