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Is worth joining? Does it work?


Match is totally worth it!! I met my boyfriend of almost a year on Match.. He wasn't the first guy I met. In fact he was the 6th. But it was worth it. When we met we hit it off right away! We both felt very comfortable around each other and our families accept us. So if you are looking for your one and only don't give up! They are out there! Definitely try out Match!


I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. It took me a few weeks but I finally met someone. Unfortunately we broke up in the new year so I am out checking the different dating services. I was thinking Tinder at first since it is the one you hear about but after reading the review I think it is too young for me. I plan on trying my luck with Match again.



Quote by: Anonymous

like any large dating site, as long as you complete your profile with photos and a good description, then there is no reason why it won't work. Sign up on a site pretending to be a woman and look at the guys photos, they all look sad or hard nuts, not surprising no women message them. then they blame the site .... idiots

your forgetting all the dead accounts of women who left without trace AND GUYS ARE JUST CHASING PHANTOM PROFILES. SPENDING CASH ON DEAD ACCOUNTS

Melbourne Lady

All scammers.
Almost all the men who have contacted are unable to meet. They are all widowers and talk about love and trust in the first messages. They all want to get off site as soon as possible and have dodgy english. They are so obviously scammers that it's ridiculous. should be ashamed of themselves, they are profiting from scamming and do nothing to to prevent it. I think they should be charged with collusion in fraud and theft.


Match is only the second dating site I have ever tried. On a scale from 1-10, where 10 is the best, I give it a 4. The people and staff behind the site were great, but I couldn’t date them. The interface and ease of use was good. There did seem to be a subjective process on profile photos. I couldn’t use one where I had a hat on, but you could see my entire face; yet guys were able to use hats and sunglasses. You could not tell what they looked like. There should be a rule whereby photos should be within the last year. My profile pic that did get approved was two weeks old. I swear one guy used one from the early 80’s. When there’s only one photo, the profile photo, that’s a giveaway the photo isn’t an accurate representation. Also, I think the Summary should be mandatory with a minimum number of words. You want a good idea of who they are. I don’t care what company they work for. You can tell a lot more in the Summary. Plus, I was looking for spelling and sentence structure. I needed to know I could have decent conversation with this person and holiday cards wouldn’t just be “Love, [insert name here].”
As far as response, it was a bust. I’m very attractive, had a great Summary, college degree, interesting and impressive achievements in my life, and so on. I guess my lesson is to “dumb down” my information, which would be misrepresentation. I might have scared some away. I also had five photos. I think my point here is know the audience on the site you choose. I don’t care how big the fish you caught was, I wanted quality. I think my next try, after I wait a bit, will be like Elite Singles, or something similar. Best of luck.


I have been a paid member, and have met ladies from the site.
I have since cancelled my auto repeat.
One really interesting feature is that when someone sends a message, you cannot read it, and the face is blurred out, but much worse is that, when you delete the message, the sender is then blocked. I can imagine the effect this might have on the sender. Being blocked is not a nice experience.

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