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Is worth joining? Does it work?


Match is definitely a scam. Loads and loads of fake profiles. I made the mistake of joining. Now, to set it straight and to get an understanding. I date many women and have no real problems finding dates. I was just trying to find something to help me pick a person with enough comment interests. I am getting plenty of "winks" and "someone is interested" notices. These are fake only to lure you in further. Just try to get to any of those and you get "profile not available". Sent a number of nice emails worded very nicely and get no response at all. From any of them where you have every interest you note in common. You WILL get the pop-up saying "Guarantee they will see your email". What do you suppose they want there? You guessed it. Money. Constant pop-ups suggesting you "do this if you want to get anywhere" with a dollar amount attached to it. Is it a scam? It absolutely is. If you are a male and confront them with it in an email to their office they will ignore it and blacklist you. There are no refunds and they will not let you decline auto billing without​ removing yourself from the site even if you are only a week into it. Beware, Senior People Meet is the EXACT same site only an age separation. Same exact policies and format. Absolute money scam.


For me was OK but few chick meet there wanted to get married, one was in the early 30s and desperately wanted to be "her men", so closed account there longer time ago Smile


they spend a fortune on TV ads but dont get taken in..only use free sites like tinder


I found the whole Match dot com experience painful. I took the bait and paid for membership after being told I had messages but couldn't access them unless I was a member. The messages were from profiles that were hidden once I joined. Let me preface this review by saying that I went into this with eyes wide open and was honest in both the profile and pictures I posted because my brother joined the site 10 years ago and took out a lot of women, spent lots of money to wine and dine them and some of these women were fat and had posted old photos, misrepresenting themselves. He was on the verge of giving up when he was invited to a free neighborhood potluck by a nice looking woman on the site and now they are married. Go figure. So I posted current pictures and although I am chunky, I am not grossly obese and look grandmotherly or like an older school teacher (I've been told). Maybe men thought I wasn't sexy or attractive enough. I don't know. I was just trying to appear like a normal woman in her late 50's. Got a lot of scammers. I did a reverse check to see what the other women were posting, and there were so many women who were obviously more attractive than I and if I were a man I would not have looked at my profile twice either. But if they took the time to read my profile they would have seen that I am a good catch. I own my home, have been a licensed medical professional for 25 years, am stable, etc. etc.

I just don't understand why they have people click on the checkmark that says they're interested, but the men who did this did not follow up on it. When I followed up on their interest in me, only two responded back. One man was 70 years old looking for live-in help with his 15 year old daughter and the other looking for help with his children too. No thanks. After 17 years single and sexless, and finally getting the children up and out of the house, I was looking for some good times. Very frustrating experience.


you cant be sure if the attractive women are actually Nigerian men fishing for suckers and that handsum gents are actually Nigerian men looking to scam women who are vulnerable.. Mr. Green

Mr Mystery

I'm sure it has some users who have had success but It also has algorithms that send multiple emails suggesting people are interested / looking / messaging etc which are not genuine.

As an experiment I created a blank profile with nothing on it; no picture, no personal ad and I received 10 emails within a day stating my profile was hot etc etc. Why would anyone be interested in a blank profile??

I did the same for multiple dating sites and all of them use this automated deceit to some extent. I then checked who owned/hosted/created the websites and it appears the same companies own multiple sights and share profiles and tactics.

If you are interested in dating I would suggest you create a new email account and be very careful about using an existing credit card.


one well known name owns 12000 date sites devious operations are endemic .as they multiply like rats to snare punters


Quote by: Anonymous

Match is the biggest pool of scam in the world...... Don't trust any of it!!!!!!

a hub nigerian scammers cleaning out bank accounts of the gullible punters

x-mas present

Really everyone...
It all is so complex ...talking about it accurately could take a lifetime, as the digital industry changes, advances at the speed of light.
In the's really just simple common sense, especially if you read any and all terms and conditions on everything.
And..when you read posts from a tiny few that claim it worked for them, OMG, 'think" about that!
Against 25 years of countless billions of people worldwide that post every year their experiences in accurate detail, to the contrary, (and it worked for three? LMAO).
Don't suppose they would like to name themselves, and prove it, do ya think? ( Gee, duh... Anyone could have posted that bull.. like date site admin, or family, friends, or paid to do so.)

If interested in two detailed, informative, accurate date site info..( which most all are connected people, in one way or another, like, they rent, use, share servers and much else, trade employees off, buy and sell into, out of other "investments" they attempt to make money off too is endless, as the insatiable greed for money has always been endless, since the dawn of mankind ) I posted ( first time on this site) , with the same author name over 12/25/17 and 12/26/17 two posts.
Tells, what I do... and tons more.... though, it has not yet as of now, been reviewed by staff here ( still holidays).
I direct you to those, only because, no sensein typing all that out over and over.
Go to the home page here, and key in 'Match blocked me' in the search bar/field. Then see the dates I mentioned, and author name. Though, now that I think of it, the first one, on x-mas eve, I did not think I would post anthing more on this site, seeing how sporadic the users are, so it has anoymous in author name, and x-mas- present in my text, but nevertheless posted back to back, first one 12/25/17 .


Not so far for me. Been a member for 3 months and so far no dates and no promising contacts. Have quite a few views and winks and a few emails and contact with one man who turned out to be a scammer. He had things in common with me, an attractive photo, right sort of age, good profile - a professional etc. I gave him my email and he contacted me - saying he had left Match and would contact me like this in the future. I became suspicious when his messages became more and more effusive and his English got erratic. Then I found an email in Spam telling me there was money waiting for me - needless to say I didn't open it. His family name of Lief was in the email address! He also had the audacity to email me after this!
I have many winks from men abroad especially in France, from men young enough to be my son or even grandson. When I contact someone in my age group they do not reply.
Begining to wonder whether it is my age - 69 and they all want someone younger. My photo is attractive and recent and I feel I am an interesting person and have a good profile.
If this carries on I will not be renewing.

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