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Is another scam site?


I'll second what others wrote here. Got suckered into paying for a month of farce and fraud, cancelled after 10-days and had to be an SOB with the operator who tried to trick me into an alternate subscription with a cleverly-scripted shell game.

From the start I was as incessantly inundated with "promoted live models" (webcam hookers) and a host of other scammers that can't be blocked, baiting you to other related sites And from supposedy real members, I got only chat, chat, chat, and chatter --- lots of explicit sex-chat, but no action whatsoever. The strange, disjointed conversations rarely made sense, as if by a bot juggling multiple chat threads: answers were canned or answered only by leading questions. It seems "members" only wanted to talk about sex in explicit detail, which was okay at first but turned a little weird. They'll tell you how they love to deep-throat and swallow, enjoy anal, like rough treatment, hair-pulling, bondage, etc., but after a long steamy "chat" (I've come to hate that word), they're just too chicken to meet for coffee. They want to get to know you better, so you try to steer the conversation to normal get-acquainted topics, things other than sex, they seem to lose interest and just drop out. Or they're evasive about what part of town they live in. Some have profiles from Chicago, Arizona and Detroit, Maine; and three women in late fifties, early sixties said they wanted to settle down and have kids some day, obviously ignorant of their own profile info. is a scam from top to bottom, and it's affiliated with identical sites sharing the same roster of sex-chat bots, like Momsgetnaughty andany others. Just stay away.


Quote by: Anonymous

I signed up to last week after getting a number of email contacts from girls in my neighborhood. A week later and they now have seemed to disappear. I can't find their profiles and not one replied to my message after they sent me one first. This seems really strange. If you reach out to someone you think they would be interested enough to reply back.

I hope this is just a fluke. I plan on spending some time on the site tonight to see if I can find any more women I can contact.

John from the USA

This site is a total scam - the site replies to your emails and pretends it's the girl. Just so you can pay the full fee. What a joke


A TOTAL SCAM, aside from the fake contacts, if you sign up for their 3 day trial watch out. Even if you cancel the rebilling they'll bill you anyway. To cancel you have to jump through so many hoops till eventually you find you have to ring their Customer Service operator who'll try to sell you another membership and neglect to tell you that they also signed you up for a XXX VOD service which they bill you for separately. THEY ARE SCAMMERS avoid them like the plague and never give them your Card details!


This site is a COMPLETE waste of money. I have been on there a few weeks and have yet to converse with a real human being or a person who is not a scammer pretending to be living in my area. It should be avoided like the plague.

Rolling Eyes

I only just signed up for this, looking to chat to a genuine girl, I was on the site for one day, I actually had a good conversation with a girl, on there but then the site, ask me to re pay for it again. Doesn't make any sense. I even called them up. They Said it was a technical error, they would sort it. But they haven't, I stopped my subscription on the mobile, cause I don't want to get recharged for another £6, I sent them an email. For a response, Im not calling them up again. What a waste. actually thought, this was a good site, doesn't give a good impression when you pay, put me off. My cards doesn't work, won't except it. Only mobile. Something abit odd. Good thing my card didn't work. If this is the case.

Has anyone else had the similar issue?


In the online dating world if it's appears to good to be true, then you can almost certainly gaurentee it is. If you have stunning model looking girls on dating sites offering quick hookups then it's obviously a scam. It's organised cyber crime playing on the urges of people. As far as I'm concerned every quick hookup site on the Internet with a monthly cost is a complete scam.


using premium rate phone servcies is another source of money they squeeze out of mugs .. you can only cancel your card if you were dumb enough to give it to them in the first place ditch the crooks


Fellas. Boys. Read this carefully. Does that sound familiar? It's what is written in bold letters right above the I AGREE button. It refers to the terms and conditions. By clicking that green button you have fallen into the trap. Most guys are filling out the membership form with one hand and their dick in the other. That's what these company's bank on. Who's got time to read pages and pages of tiny, boring print when there's all these hot chicks wanting to connect with me?
My first question; since when do hot, sexy pornstar lookalikes message a guy first?
Second; did you notice how keen they were for you to get that membership?
It clearly states in the Terms and conditions that from time to time the company may use online 'cupids' or 'ambassadors' to stimulate conversation and encourage member participation to enhance their online experience. These 'cupids' are fictitious and do not represent a real person. St no stage willl a physical meeting occur. You agree and accept these artificial profiles as nothing more than fantasy.
Or something along those lines.
So gentleman, you've been cleverly had. Suck it up buttercups.

Angry One

I signed up for flirthut and it won't let me sign in to my page. Even had my page posted as over of their new members with my pic and everything but won't let me sign in. Just keeps telling me my own information already exists. No *censored*! When I clicked on MY page it just kept telling me I need to sign in first to do anything. Left a message under the contact us portion but have yet to get a response.


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