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Is another scam site?

Micky mouse

I think it's a good idea to check the id

smarter than you fools

you can get plenty of tail on
EHarmony is very hard to navigate.
most all other sites are scams.
Always use a prepaid credit card on the internet when buying anything and everything.
Only put enough money on the gift card for the minimum amount if you are not sure of the site. Let them beg for your money, do not give them your real credit card or bank info.


i would not waste any more time or money on this site. ? full of pretend singles and lonelily females. ? only asking you to subscribe to there webcam sites. its a scam.

Marlon smith

I joined this site because it said you could meet women in your area. This site is just more *censored*. Another scam! I live in Denver and most of the women that contacted me said they lived in ft. Logan Colo. There is no ft. Logan Colo !!! It's a *censored* site don't waste your money!


I spent about $10 in just over a week and struggled with this site. You get what you pay for I guess. Only one profile seemed genuine, the rest were fake as the responses seemed so odd (single word responses, never answering your questions, quick to say goodbye if you prod them for a real response). The app sucks. The broadcast flirts suck (so you can't tell if it's a private message or a broadcast). Even the searches suck (results include people outside the age range). Don't bother with this site.

A few words of caution: the interest from others is high in the first hour you join then falls away (bots?), the broadcast flirts come across as "naughty" but that's as far as it goes (never got into an adult chat) and finally, although it may come across as a "hook up" site - it's not. Go elsewhere if that's what you're after Smile

Alan Glover

Angry I would love to see a dating site that your profile will be deleted if you don't answer or reply to a a text from a customer looking for a date, then your profile will be deleted immediately this I'd like to see because I am tired of dating sites I have never gotten one date not one I repeat not one date off of dating sites the only dates that I have gotten it off of Craigslist so I think all the dating sites are scams don't waste your money on them they're there to take your money and give you nothing. I have been at these dating sites just two and a half years looking for a date and like I said the only day that I have gotten was off of Craigslist and nothing zero off of dating sites and I have tried them all.


I'm glad I looked. I had my doubts but it "looked" like there was a local female, and she was older so it was plausible she just needed some dick. As soon as I read this site I removed emails from them. For people looking for tail, Fling and Craigslist have gotten me the most. Yes, you have to pay for Fling. Use a prepaid CC, twice my number has been stolen and fraudulent charges made, after renewing with them. But the site works. With any women looking for dick, they are there for a day, then they are gone. You have to get to them when they are ready to go. But Fling has a very high volume of women coming through, because it's free for them, and because of where they advertise.

The Real Girls Paid To Mingle

Personally, all sites want money for meeting fake girls. It's like expecting people to be honest, put in a fake pair of boobs, and change the idea you've got a dick. They're not really existing at all, but you paid to see that ass on a picture. You don't have one in your lap, I thought people were smarter than to just believe they should pay to meet people over the internet? And my family says that I have no life?

HOLY *censored*!


Big scam got onto one of the flirt websites and it wont allow you type in your email address in the message. The girls keep asking for your email address even though they know you cant type it in. I assume you have to subscribe in some way to allow email typos but never got that far


scamanalyze says has Poor Reputation
May not be Safe to Use
Updated Sep 17 2016

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