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Is another scam site?

Chad B

Anonymous is a scam I haven't hook up once or got one number from the woman I have chatted with don't join I signed up for the three-day trail for 2.99 and they charged me 24.99 for a one month membership don't sign up with this site it is a scam.



This is the worst site I have ever been on
Like some others I signed up for 3 days for $3.99 and got charged the $24,99 as well
The responses seem automated but my guess is they are paying some poor women (or men) is a third world country to reply.
The conversations and responses are innane and if you try to ask anything outside of the square you get even more stupid responses!!!


^^^ this is a common trick to rip you ,,many sites do the same so read the small print before handing over your CC details as your dealing with ruthless criminals in may cases ...on fling dot com they had a pay by phone for a 3 day trial .good thing as it was a con ...


Just went through process to cancel my 3 day trial ....

Waiting for email code to cancel.

Seeking further advice on what steps i need to do to stop them from further charging me?...

Thanks and Godbless.


Tight gits just pay


Flirt and all the other related sites are 95% scam. The only legitimate aspect is the local women that are on there and they probably do not total 10% of the total profiles. If you have time to sort through all of the phoney stuff, you might be able to meet a great lady. I do believe that many of the ladies like it because they can do it part time, from their homes, be a little naughty and maybe the pay is pretty good but several told me that they also have to put up with a lot of crap and rudeness. If the site was legit, nicer guys would join and the whole picture would be better for everyone. The problems as so many have stated, is that they send you false, misleading messages, making you think your having a lot of contacts and then offer you a special 3-day deal, and often at the same time they go ahead and take a full fee for the month. And, you never have any chance of getting any of your money back because they office places in the world where you could never reach them, probably personally or definately, legally. But there is more, a lot more, once you are on for the 3-day trial, you start getting hits from all over wanting to "chat" and what they want you to do is get all hot and bothered, join their cam sites with your credit card, and they've really got you. The cam idea was never appealing to me at all so I avoided that trap. That is probably their biggest money maker. They also have other sceams where they want you to get "verified" as legit before they will consider meeting you and of course, this will require that good "ole" credit card again. Also, I'd guess that 75% plus of all the profiles are either completely phoney or someone completely out of your area or even a lot out of country. Apparently they also sell your email around because you will start getting all kinds of solicitations from all over the world, for sex and probably about anything else you can think of. It's a shame because it might be a good deal for the woman but I think if they knew all the other things that were going on they may choose to find a better, more legitimate place to meet guys. There are many parts that I don't know about especially if and how much the woman get paid. I can only say, that I did meet some woman that really seemed nice but never dated anyone. I lost very little because I never let there be enough in my credit card balance where they could take extra dollars with out approval, so be careful. I've often noticed how so many people (and organizations) find it so eazy to run scam operations where it would not take that much more to be legitimate. I guess they get their thrills out of scaming people. Good luck.


yes; paid 3+30 days, did 20+ individual replies, some send 2nd message saying 'Hi babe' &c., did get 1 reply saying 'No thankyou'.


Quote by: Anonymous

How did it go for you John? Big Grin

I find Fling to be okay. It is no better and no worse than others like AFF. You got your scammers and you got some real chicks on the site. As with all dating sites, even Facebook now days, if you are looking for a relationship you need to be able to spot the fakes.

Rolling Eyes


Yep, Total Scam. tried to pay a couple of times with credit card and was prompted to call their phone line. first thing they asked was for my card number which was a bit suspect.
Next day my credit card company texted me about the payment on my card so i called them to find that flirt had taken the payment but not upgraded the account to full access.
I was lucky my bank were on the ball and obviously aware of this as a scam site.
Flirt hook you in by sending automatic emails, winks and flirts from females, real or not I can't say, just to get you to sign up.
If you do get through the process you will probably find the girl never sent you the contact in the first place and is not interested in your profile at all.
Lucky escape for me. I'm off to the pub now to spend my membership money on beer. At least I will get knocked back by a real person. I can take that.


It's a scam spent a lot of money to try to join a security I D clearance site and all that happened was more charges on my card and no security clearance.had to cancel my card and dispute all charges. Beware don't get fooled!! It's a scam

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