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Is another scam site?


100% a total scam somebody needs to go on Facebook and put this site on blast. Crooks and thief of service , notify the BBB and attorney generals office. Pass the word down this site all the profiles are fake. This site is just like the rest fake.

disgruntled user

Obviously once you've paid for any of their options, they mysteriously disappear never to be heard from again. I guess it must be a new way for legal fraud and blatant robbery. Can anyone help get these fraudulant people to pay restitution for these acts or even have them charged for outright theft.

Me no fool

Dudes, never pay just use the free part if you want to see naked girls or videos if that's what u want. But look this is a legal way for them to take your money, It is a scam run by the Russian mafia based in whatever country has the least laws. They make millions on it and it's easy cash. If you want to meet crazy women go in Craigslist and just post on the adult section. I am sure you will have better luck and the worst is you just waste your time not money.


Funny, I live and work in Baghdad, Iraq. I'm American. Funny how, in a Muslim country, all the women from Baghdad are Caucasian AND Catholic.

Must be a scam, as I'm physically here and NO WAY are they 0 miles away from my secure compound. LMFAO

All of you who have had money taken without permis

Quote by: Anonymous

All my contacts disappeared, shortly after I paid "Flirt" a membership fee.
When I took "Flirt" to task, regarding this, they told me that I was not using the site correctly.
A couple of weeks after I quit the site, Flirt stole £40 out of my bank account.
This they are refusing to refund.

All of you who had money taken from your Accounts, Go to your Bank and tell them They will get it back for you if you say it was stolen..

anonymous and angry

Been reading your emails, guys. Yep, this site and most if not all similar sites are frauds. There are no girls to date since they only direct you to other sites so you can pay another fee to chat for yet another fee. Worse yet, about a month after joining last year I started getting about 700-1000 emails per week advertising info. or cures for everything from tinnitis to weight loss and way more crap I don't need - and I'm still getting them even though I've blocked every new one. In case you want to complain, I noticed that the couple of sites I joined, the owner of a lot of these sites is the same crooked outfit. And I suspect they are behind most of these crappy "dating" sites. Here's their address: FH International, Ltd./Island House, Grand Rue/St. Martins, Guernsey/Channel Islands GY4 6RU. You'll notice that this is a British company operating in a safe jurisdiction, the Channel Islands. I suggest that all of you that are angry at the false claims and pissed about being ripped off write to this company and also complain the the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Better Business Bureau, State's Attorney General, your Congressman and anybody else you can think of. We got to get these crooks off the internet. Jail would be nice too.


i got on this site, and try their tryout... but i didnt accept the fees for using there sms. they didnt send me receipt and they charge me 4x 29,99 when i answered this sms, which i probably talk to some robot girl... by chance my card get full so they stoppicking up my money... but it was lucky that my card was already almost full, or i could have realised after a thousand of billing 29,99 .... this is simply the worst datting site experienced i ever has. i never see something like this before.

add to this that all the profile seened to be automatic and got a real good algorithm to make you hook up to the people you talk. they could answer your questions and they look reel... either its hard to accusated them to be robot!! this is really strange. there probably a buch of big shitty business man who get rich with this scam.

peter wolff

Rubbish absolute crap the last few weeks i have recently checked up on a number of "free" dating sites and there is no such sing as a free site, the funniest thing after joining you initially get a number of interested ladies, whether they are
legitimate remains to be seen, now some of the photos of the women are outstanding, and i think to myself as some are beautiful and why are they on a dating site as i am quite sure the ladies do pretty well. As above there is no way known
you will get a free dating site, you join and on most occasions if you do get a few emails and you think you may have it the jackpot now how many dating sites are scams, most are, and once you get a regular email, suggesting this one is interested then up come the monthly fees or yearly fees and i have no doubt they will take the money automatically,

Sean Adams

I got a lot of spam from their site and ti's been crazy.

Got ripped off

These site are scams they get a picture of a hot chick, and they use this pic to attract your attention and get you to join as why wouldn't you you just got a message from this hot girl however it's not really the girl in the photo and once you have been tricked into wanting to reply back you message her and get no respons, it's a total rip off and these companies are getting away with it cause there not subject to laws of the United States so you can't even get back the 50, 60 buck you just spent. I'm sure these sites are ripping off the ladies to! Don't be a sucker for love, Facebook might be a better way to go.

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