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IWantU is a total scam site, just so you know :)


I had to threaten them with a lawsuit. Got half of my money back still trying to get the rest. If you are going through the same thing as me be relentless, do not give up ! These people are criminals and should be in prison. We can only hope !!! Good luck


Yes i was on i want you also i have talk to a lot of guys out of state and most of them look like they had a fake picture yes i want you is a scam you can't really trust the online dating service anymore its *censored* and a scam and alot of fake people on there i am honest but people cant say the truth or what they look like or what they want


I always buy a pre paid visa to subscribe for a short trial. Just have enough on card to pay one time. These sites are fukk of scamers. Mostly they work for the site to keep you talkin..or they make money through the site charging for webcam sessions. If they call you " hon" or babe dont even bother. Some go so far as to have a generic dialouge, your talking to cpu. If your not sure just ask them a ganeral qu. estion about where they are from.. like the name of the stadium the hockey team plays at... if they totally ignore you know wats up. There are lots of real girls on there, but do they really need to be on a sex site to get laid? No
So you just gotta have fun with it.


I have been trying for weeks to get this lying crap off my screen but there is no way that I can find.


Y'all are right. Wish I read this first. They will reply when you want to cancel and and the refund. They will ask what the problem is and will not respond when confronted. Total scam.


Heck just type jdjkb gdhjk bjuffd kgckjhd after every reply and the site will keep chatting like your chatting back. No human being would ever reply to that


Don't know that all the profiles are fake. Lol I'm a woman and mine wasn't


You are SOOO right about IwantU being a scam. After perusing some of the other sites, I can see that they use some of the same pop-up IM's names & pics as other sites. All of them computerized messages with the EXACT same wording VERBATIM over and over again. Most of these sites are scams just to get you to join and et ahold of your credit card number. And when you try to discontinue billing by them.......well, good luck, if you still have anything in your account once they get your number!!


They actually join you up to all sorts of other sites.You don't have access as they put in the passwords so you don't even know what they are Of you pay just claim back on disputes through your bank.These fraudsters need to be closed down.Anyone knowing someone in the law should report them

Dumb Guy Here

Thanks for posting here & letting us all know!!! Yep they keep billing my credit card & I cannot contact them even under their 'contact us' heading. How do I get them to stop Billing my credit card!!!?????? HELP. It's not much but it sure is adding up.
Dumb Guu

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