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IWantU is a total scam site, just so you know :)

david simons

I met a real girl texting me. we went to video chat she was very pretty but she wanted money. she was real but she was a scammer claimed she was in Ghana wanted money for computer with camera she was gorgeous I might give her a cheap tablet im hooked.


I created an account on the app and i was stupid to give my credit card number to experiment the app, but i want to cancel ans i don't know how! can you help me please?


How do you get it to stop notification I turned everything off logged out because I don't know to delete it and they won't stop


All the girls on I want you are not real, you are talking to a computer generated message when they reply back. It's a total scam and nothing is real.. don't wast your money as you will regret it.


I want you has no girls on it at all.the messages are computer generated. You are actually receiving them from a computer. I subscribed for one month. Wish I had researched it first. Just don't like giving them the satisfaction of getting my money.


Total scam. All the messages you receive are from a computer. All the women are computer generated. You talk to a computer. Don't be a sucker. Do not join or give them any money.


Absolutely DO NOT sign up to
This site IS an absolute scam.
I originally signed up for a 3 day trial and, foolishly and regrettably, gave my card details.
After signing for 3 days for £2.99, I find they automatically charged me another £25 for a months subscription.
Once signed up, I was chatting with some girls and then something popped up saying "if I would like to chat further you have to go through a VERIFICATION PROCESS"
This process means giving your card details but I refused this time because I started to suspect something wasn't right.
Because I refused, I have been getting increasingly threatening emails stating if I don't go through the "VERIFICATION PROCESS" then I would be fined £1500 monthly to be taken directly out of my account.
I am now receiving emails from "Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation",(yeah right whatever)saying I have 10 minutes to do the process.
I have also received emails stating they've detected suspicious behaviour in my account but all I have done is chat to som girls.
I now realise tha most of these "girls" are fake profiles, they are probably some fat balding men posing as girls.
After I refused to give my card details, I had women on the site winking at me on my site.
One in particular I was talking to for a while then she said if I want to chat to her longer then I have got to go through the Verification process.
I said no you are a scammer, she then messaged me saying "oh babe if only I could I would but my card has frozen"yeah right okay pull the other one.
I have had to transfer all my cas to another account. And trying to unsubscribe can be a nightmare.
Once again DO NOT subscribe.


i have had to cancel CC s in the past so they can no longer bash the cards for more money as its the only way
should be called iwantyourmoney


Unfortunately I fell for this scam a couple years back. You need to real the fine print. They have the right to sell your membership to people (cam girls). Remember if you do make a paid membership to save all your receipts. You will need them to send to customer service.

They sold or gave my paid membership to a cam girl and had the balls to say I gave my login info to her. I got my refund back after I showed I was the rightful owner of the account.
So DON'T use their services. If it looks real, it probably isn't.


You have to pay money after the 3day trial bcuz after you pick 3day payment plan and just b4 u give your credit card info all the way at the bottom there is a check box that is already checked for you and pretty much says '*Add a free 1 day access to videos at I agree that after 1 week my free access will be automatically converted to monthly $19.99 package, and renewed every month until canceled.'

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