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IWantU is a total scam site, just so you know :)


Quote by: Anonymous

yep - confirmed, the site is a total scam, full of scammers, i am having fun there at the moment, the latest scam is the "babe you need a verification security ID to chat to the girls babe,i will need to assist you babe ok?"

Prices range from $40US to as high as $1500US.

Beware guys of this site.

I am having fun there toying with the creatures.

Also take note of the profile pics, 80% are of soft core models.

Orion The Hunter.

who in thier right mind is going to pay $1500


that would be the 'age verification scam' ,where you have to hand over your CC details ,allegedly to confirm your age ,which is absurd . the website at the other end is run by criminals who will then proceed to hammer your CC once they have your details


This site is owned by this company - and they are... right, British Virgin Islands!

Nelfor Services Limited
Trident Chambers
P.O. Box 146
Road Town


British Virgin Islands


So there are no guys open for sex on this site? I was excited to see so many men wanting sex in my neighborhood. I am an ordinary woman in a platonic relationship and I just wonder if the men I see is for real or just fake?


prolly fake profiles cooked up by spambots , i get the same lots of horny women in my area all designed to get your CC details


hi all.
wish I read the forum before taking out 3 day subscription, which I cancelled within 24 hours.
when looking at bank statement found also another month subscription had been charged.
that I am trying to retrieve.(don't fancy my chances much)
This site is a total sham and should be shut down.
my advice for any potential punters is to avoid it like the plague.


I tried an experiment , I opened a free account with IamNaughty , and then one wit IwantU . with in mins the
same girls were sending messages , so it is a big con.


I have reported the app to Apple. Hopefully, they remove it from the store. Maybe if more people report it, they will look into it:


Yes it is also be aware that if you get a Skype if Viber call from anyone you don't know DO NOT REPLY as they are all white girls from GHANA or NIGERIA so be aware they will get very cosy with you and will show you naked videos etc but you will then be asked to pay a bill or something like that . They are all CAM MODELS have no intention of meeting or wanting to have a relationship believe me I WAS SCAMMED my loss


Not only is it a scam if you leave your email,or phone number they text yoi email you before you can lay your,phone,down and it never stop it all ways same girl that is texting you or emailing you but they are or may i say she is useing different numbers i got a total of 468 emails in 38 min. Time frame and dont no how many texts all loaded down with pictures and alot said that they wanted to hook up that night and a lot said they stayed 17 mins. Away ok trust me when i tell you this i stay in this town they do stay that close to me if they did and was texting me and emailing me the stuff i was geting well i guess i wouldn't have time to send out this so stay home guys shes not 17 mins. From you and in all the texts and emails they wanted money they wanted it wired to them ok if you 17 mins down the road i beleave i will walk it to you.

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