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BE2 scam. received an email from a solicitor representing b2


If this information helps anyone. I too have been trying since March 2015 to get monies back.

Dear be2 user,

Thank you for your message.

We have received your message and we will try to answer within three working days.

Help is also available at any time by clicking 'FAQ' on our homepage. Here you can find information about how to use your profile as well as many other interesting themes.

Kind regards,

Your Customer Service be2

be2 S.à.r.l., 291, Route d'Arlon, 1150 Luxembourg
Commercial Register
Luxembourg B123206
Managing Director
Laetitia Pateau
Luxembourg: 2006 2454 440
European: LU 215 36 271

feel cheated

I am Singapore user , I have get in touch with Singapore Press holding Straits Times to report them , anymore interested to share story with Straits Times , let me know . Unity is strength


I had the same problem. I registered for 3 months and found that the site was a dud. No one ever contacted me online and they posted fake pictures of members. I couldn't wait until my membership expired but what happened was they direct debited another $200 from my account as a membership renewal which I did not authorise.

Anonymous LMWG

Be Warned......
I joined B2 over two years ago and about two months later e-mailed the given contact to to say I no longer wanted to be a member.
After notifying the company I wanted to cease my membership, I was billed $234 the following May . I e-mailed again and was told they have no record of my account. I said this was impossible as the money was taken out of my credit card account. They insisted they had no record of me or my account.
Six months later, another $234 was taken out of my Mastercard. I e-mailed again and was told they had no record of my account.

I tried logging in to find if there was some other way of stopping the withdrawals but I wasn't able to as my e-mail address wasn't recognised.

I would appreciate the B2 Customer service informing me of how I can stop B2 making withdrawals for a B2 account that no longer exists.


the very worst of the scam sites it seems ,strong arm tactics being used



Cancel your credit card payment. Bank will refund money and start a dispute with them. Be 2 will not respond. Send your termination , keep one copy yourself and give your bank a copy. Ignore any further e mails from these crooks threatening debt collectors. They will contact them eventually when the next payment they try to STEAL from you bounces. AT THIS POINT your local civil disptutes tribunal ( VCAT in Oz ) and they will fight it for you. My whole process took just over 2 weeks. I didn't even hear back from the VCAT people . Before I knew it the debt collectors contacted me and said the matter had been resolved and there would be no further action. Heather

John G

I tumbled into the same scam and went to the bank who cancelled my card and were able to recover my two payments of about $800. Debt Collectors from Sydney are now on the scene trying to get the money back.


I signed for 1 MONTH TRIAL with be2. Two weeks later realised the site is not good enough and tried to cancel my account. Couldn't do that as didn't even have an option of cancellation or unsubscribe even. Sent them a letter asked to cancel my account. Two days later they send me an answer that I have to do it myself and instructions of how to do it. Then we were playing like ping pong I send that I can't delete it, they send me some instructions. So, 6 weeks since I paid for 1 MONTH TRIAL I realised that 179,95€ were disappeared from my account. When I send them a letter that I've been robbed by their site they answer that I signed a contract and it's automatic renewal for 6 month membership. Next day they send me confirmation that my account is deleted by their side but I can still using it for 6 month and refund is impossible. As soon they got money from me no any problems were found to delete my account.
So, I'm so pleased to my bank, I came there very disappointed it's very big amount for me. My bank helped me and I got money back 1 month later. I want to warning you don't pay this site any penny , don't give them your card details. IT'S SCAM. Sick

Mista Stu

Yes I too have been caught by this so called "Date Site".
Date site for finding love? Ha! More like a professional Money Making Site.!! No love in that....

I did join this date site for six months even though I had seen good & bad discussions regarding this and other date sites on similar discussion forum... But in hind site maybe that forum was affiliated with this Dating site???

On entering into their contract either for 3, 6 or 12 months Premium subscription (you need premium in order to get full membership benefits, which i didn't end up using anyway); I noticed that the options weren't really that clear nor fair for that matter.

Yes they do tell you that this subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the selected period, However you do not have an option to choose whether you want this to happen (the auto subscription renewal), So If you don't agree you don't get the full membership. The basic membership is of course of no use.

The other point is that if you don't want to continue with your subscription... you don't get a refund... thats ok if you nearly run the course of your subscription. But if you are say are only a couple of days in and you have say 3 or 6mths then this is highly unfair and most legite business would observe some sort of cooling off period.

Now to cap of my statement... there is no easy way to "cancel" your membership. They do have an option page on their webpage where you can navigate to cancel or edit or update your profile. However when you go to cancel it will not allow you to because you do not have to authority to do so... "Please contact our Customer service at BE2"... so you send a message via their webpage (on BE2 website) and the email response message is "this address is not reconized" - WTF?

Further investigating on their web page you do finally find the page which tells you how to go about cancelling your subscription. Here it tells you the time period that is acceptable to them to cancel (14days I think) and to either write a letter or fax them to advise them that you wish to cancel & have your profile removed.
Come On!, send a fax?, and or write a letter?..... when their website site is setup to automatic subscription deductions & uploading of profile pictures and info... really? and it can't allow you to do online cancellations?.... half the business's in the world have this facillity.

Anyway bearing all the above in mind, I subscribed to for 6mths and paid via Paypal. Half way through my subscription period i noticed some odd things. Like people who were ineterested in me from all over the world and I only wanted from my home town.. and people of the same sex interested in me of which i selected the opposite sex thanks.

I began to get an uncomfortable feeling about this Date site so I flagged my Paypal account to stop any further deductions (this was half way thru my subscription) and tried a couple of times to cancel or delete my profile subscription on the Be2 web site. Of course I could not unless i sent a letter or fax requesting this.
Well, I didn't do this (mistake), thinking that if they couldn't get another payment they would simply cancel my memebership.... haa haa haa haa... wrong, but yes they did cancel my membership - meaning i can't access my membership but kept it active so they can get another 6mths payement.

Now that they are chasing the denied 6mths membership I am getting frequent emails requesting this to be paid.

I have replied in kind saying that I have tried to cancel previously.. they reply "we have received no such correspondance" please (sorry wrong word) "Pay" your subscription or this matter will be handed over to a debt collecting agency which could seriously affect your credit rating.

I have responed politely saying that I don't see why I should pay for another 6mths when you guys don't refund upon my cancellation.... only to get an email back saying that you have "bought" a contract period of 6mths in advance (even though you have no choice in this).

I wanted to say "F Off" but didn't, But offered to pay only a couple of weeks since my membership only expired 5days previously and to advise of my cancellation.

I was bluntly told again via email... that I had agreed to purchase in advance 6mths of membership upon initially joining.

Remember YOU DO NOT GET ANY CHOICE in this matter.

Yes its still on going for me... I have collated all my correspondence with this mob of Shysters and taken copies of other peoples similar cases from this & other forums and will be referring this matter to the Australian Consumer & Fair Trading Department. I do not believe these people are operating in a fair manner.
I will be urging that they BE2 be de listed as a legitatment business in Australia.


James Brodie

I've only just learned of this site as some idiot decided to use my name and email address to set up a fake account. And man am I annoyed. I only just learned of these people today and they are expecting me to fork up $421.00 in New Zealand money for an account I've had no knowledge of ($134.70 for the account and a $17.00 admin fee which doesn't add up or make sense at all). This is just annoying and I am REALLY ticked off. What do I do?

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