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Has anyone uaed ehamony secure call? I have been just using my regular phone after sending messages to my matches for a while. I am not to worried by that point since I have already decided they are worth going on a date with.

I have used secure call before. It is pretty easy to use. Your phone number is protected and you can still call your matches. Only one of you needs to be subscribed to secure call for it to work. Basically eHarmony call's you and then they call the person you want to talk to and then connect the 2 together.

It is easy and worth it IMO.


When you go on eHarmony, be patient and post pictures that are in suit and tie and others that are CLEAN and CLEAR. No pics with your shirts off guys. Be CLEAN CUT when you meet these women. Who wants an un-clean, un-showered, un-groomed man or woman anyway??
Write a nice profile and be polite. Oh, and you perverts, stay away! I LOVE sex but I don't stalk women, etc. and treat them bad. YOU WILL be found out. They DO prosecute!

Just me

I joined Eharmony in May of 2013....soon I was matched to a sweet indian guy, nice looking, educated and polite.........started texting and chatting for a couple of months till we finally met. As soon as we were alone, he jumped on me, using force as I was asking him to stop.... it happened. Afterwards he told me it was all good because that only meant we were really connected and that there was something very special going on.... I believed his words without realizing what was really going on. Several conversations and encounters, he said he loved me, he wanted to have kids with me and meet my day he was gone, avoided me as I was asking for an explanation, I was very depressed and didn't want to accept the reality, I was ashamed and insisted I wanted to see him and put an end to that in person, I wanted an explanation, he avoided me and didn't want to admit that he had been using me; one day he said he had just met another woman and asked me to move on without any apology, very rude and when I said I would go see him, he threatened me with calling the police, accused me oh harassment when I all I wanted was at least an explanation or decent closure. I still feel very ashamed, I go to therapy and then learnt that I had been date raped, I had been manipulated and was very embarrassing to admit. My heart and self steem was broken, he wanted to know my deepest fears to then used them on his favor, I had been to a very traumatic relationship before and got away, he wanted to know everything about it and told me my life was going to be better with him, he is a doctor with a great reputation in Kansas City, he used that to convince me that he was much more sensible and understanding than others. I am a good person and I didn't deserve to be abused like that, by the one man I trusted. He is dating other women now and probably everyone thinks he's wonderful. Ladies, be careful.... he'll used you and abuse you, then will get rid of you and threaten you if you want to do something about it.


I have been on the site now for a month. I have written 15 emails to guys I thought might potentially be good matches. I have had one reply and more than 50% have not even looked at my profile which suggests they are no longer active members or maybe my pic is so hideous they don't even want to go there!!! I was brought up to be polite and even though I might not be interested, send a quick note saying thanks but feel we are not suited or they live too far away.

Most of the matches I am sent are said to be outside the match criteria - mine or the man's - not sure about that. The site also does not tell you how long ago people were last online so you never know whether you are flogging a dead horse so to speak. Many of the matches I get are too far away so what is the point!! I live in London and do not want to move to the countryside - I want someone who lives in London!!

They have this questionaire which take ages which I ccompleted over a few days - most of the blokes do not seem to bother suggesting there is a surplus of men!!

For the amount you pay I do not think eharmony is worth it, there are other sites which are much better and at least you know whether members are still active.

Unfortunately I still have two months membership left - but will never use them again. Why don't these dating sites give you the option of one month membership, then if they are slack like eharmony you can cancel and go elsewhere.
There, I have vented, but looking online lots of others feel the same way.


2 weeks to find the man of your dreams? I would be more cautious. I found someone that seemed too good to be true. He WAS too good to be true. I hope yours works out better than mine.


After reading your topic.

i dont think you're right , i found alot good advices there

Foreign fakes on eHarmony

No I must say my recent experienced with eHarmony are nothing short of ridiculous!

First let me say the staff and safety team at the site is wonderful! Responsive, kind, and clear. But that is an awful point to have to make isn't it?

The matches I am connected to have been more times than not, foreign born men, broken English in their correspondence, and NOTHING from address to phone numbers checks out! I get an overwhelming number of matches daily, and rarely move past the guided portion of the site because of weirdness, sexual requests, money needs, etc. I have also in two short months had 4 safety concern emails sent to me that matches I had been sent were now being removed from the site?

I am considering starting a blog or FB page to post all of these men by the names and photos they are sending out to us, as a shortcut to avoid the asshats! I have no doubt that this is a widespread issue, a few of my friends report the same weird goings on.

Does anyone have a clue why this is so prevalent in eHarmony? Just ridiculous! And what is the actual end game of these men?

Any insight would be wonderful. And if anyone knows of a site to post the wanna be Romeos, please send, I can add 4 to the team!


i'm not laughing cause I just tried to create a file and because ive been married 5 times and have 12 children they said they could not help me find a mate.... that's sad, I had some hope they crushed that. i'm divorced
and ready for number 6 baby!!! Cry

Upset Customer

Last year, I subscribed to their service and wanted to cancel the three payments of $67.80. I called after the first payment to cancel the membership with them. The person on the other line told me that I could not under the terms of their service, which I completely understood and respected. I payed the three payments.

During that call, I had specifically asked that my membership be cancelled after the three payments and the man told me he could do that. I even confirmed with him twice to make sure that I would not be charged again. I had gone into my profile and made sure the auto-renewal is off. Yes folks, you cannot select the auto-renewal off until your membership is nearly over.

This year, just last week, I had noticed on my PayPal that I was charged another $67.80!

I had a hard time finding their numbers and when I did, I was told that she wasn't in charge of giving me a refund and sent me an e-mail to write to another department. They replied that they could not refund my money because of the term and condition of me not selecting auto-renewal off (which I have!)

They are a money sucking company. I thought that they'd understand when I explained that being a big company like theirs should keep their words about their service and packages. I even pleaded that I could not afford paying for a payment I never approved of and had cancelled!

They do not care. One word: SELFISH!

If you want to go with their services, make sure you are wary of their payment services. And Poor customer service! The e-mail was RUDE.

"As we have now carefully reviewed Customer Care’s original denial of your request and found it appropriate, this decision will be final. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any further consideration of your request."

They do not care about treating their customers like human beings! Decisions will be final and provide no further consideration?? That's probably how they make money by counting on people to forget to set the auto-renewal off, and even if they do not forget and called their company to CONFIRM they would not be charged, they would still charge that extra $67!

I would rate this service 0 out of 5 if I could! Be wary if you want to use their services. I know I would not recommend this to anyone!


Not only that, I was told that I went back to my account and reactivated it! I did not! And I have been reading other reviews on customeraffairs and productreview. People are saying the profile auto resets to auto renewal! SCAM! I had never been this disrespected in my life!!!

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