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My experience with eHarmony


I wonder if other people have had the same good experience I have had on eHarmony? I hope so because it took me less than 2 weeks to find a wonderful man on the site. I have read some reviews that were not to kind to eHarmony but I just wanted to let others know that things went well for me. I joined eHarmony during the last free communication weekend hoping to improve my love life since it has been 2 long years since I had been on any “real” date. I have been extremely busy with work and my personal life just disappeared. The free communication part is nice but it kind of sucks not seeing the photos of the men I was emailing. I talked to 3 men during the free communication and all seemed nice but things just didn’t seem to click. I ended up paying for an additional 6 months membership so I could continue my conversations and I hate to sound shallow, see their pictures. One of the guys seemed nice enough and I ended up going out with him for a fun evening. We had a good time but I could tell that the chemistry wasn’t there, for at least me. I probably would have gone out with him again except a man who I will call Mark messaged me. We instantly clicked and by the next day we were talking on the phone. Last night we went on our first date and I had one of the best times in my life. He was charming, witty and seemed to know all the right things to say. We plan to go on a date again tonight.

I can’t believe it took me just 2 weeks to meet the man of my dreams! I had heard a few horror stories about online dating and I can tell you I was a little worried. When I talked with Mark about his experience with online dating he told me he had been at it a bit longer. He had been using eHarmony for about 4 months. 4 months doesn’t seem to long either to meet someone online. I was thinking it was going to take me at least a year with several false stops along the way before I found someone.

One question I have is can I give my eHarmony membership to one of my friends to use so the other 5 months I paid for doesn’t go to waste! Probably not. All well, it was worth it to meet Mark.


No I am pretty sure you cannot give your current membership to someone else. Eharmony does have gift subscriptions but that is something else.

I too have had pretty good luck on Eharmony. I am currently dating a man I met on Eharmony. I have my membership on hold at the moment while I explore this new relationship. He messaged me after about 3 months using the site. The funny thing is that he was sent to me as a match the month before but I ignored it due to something in his profile. When he messaged me a month later I decided to take a chance and I am glad I did.

I think you have moved a little quickly though Laura. You have only been on one date with “Mark” and you seem to be infatuated with him. I would give it a few more dates before you are sure he is boyfriend material. I would also find out more about his family and personal life.

Greg B.

As a guy I can tell you it takes longer to meet women on eharmony. I have been using this dating site for half a year and have very little to show for it except a lot of wasted time. All the women I have talked to ended up never been very good matches. How is that supposed to help me? They also should match people based on their jobs. I earn a 6 figure income and do not want to be matched with someone who has 3 kids and is barely able to support herself and her family. I am not a charity!


While not really on topic the best time to try eharmony is when they have free communication. This way you will have the experience of eharmony for a few days free to help you figure out it is worth joining. You can’t see members photos which is a drag but I try not to look at the photos anyways when I am first sent a match. I rather read the profile first to see if we are compatible before I look at the photos. I don’t want to judge people on their looks, I rather find out what their personality is like first.

I joined eharmony after free communication about 4 months ago. Using my “trademarked” approach to online dating has worked out pretty good for me. I have met a number of men with whom I have gone out on probably 10 dates in total. The current man I am dating is really nice and I can tell you his photo on eharmony doesn’t do him justice. Some people are good looking but just are not photogenic. Cool


I live in Buffalo which is a city that is inside the border of the United States and just outside of Canada. It doesn’t matter to me what country my next girlfriend lives in since I work in both countries. Should I join or I think I will probably join since they are in US funds but can this site also return results for me from Canada, or is it just US based?

If no one answers then I will try out the .com site and let everyone know what I find out.


Quote by: Anonymous

While not really on topic the best time to try eharmony is when they have free communication. This way you will have the experience of eharmony for a few days free to help you figure out it is worth joining. You can’t see members photos which is a drag but I try not to look at the photos anyways when I am first sent a match. I rather read the profile first to see if we are compatible before

I joined e-Harmony just last weekend during the Valentine's Day free communication weekend. It was my first time using an online dating site (I am on Facebook all the time) and I have to say it is pretty fun. I found that I was much more outgoing on e-Harmony where I know people are looking for a relationship rather than on Facebook. With Facebook you never really know if that cute guy you find is already in a relationship. I also like being a bit anonymous about my dating habits. My family is already pushy enough trying to find out about my relationship. With e-Harmony I know they will never find out until I am good and ready to tell them since they are not on it!


Is eharmony really that good?

People should just join or okcupid as these dating sites are free and have a lot of members. If you are looking for real matching I found okcupid member created tests to be a real eye opener. You can create your own tests to help figure out your matches. If the member doesn’t take the test then you know he or she is not interested. Why trust another service that doesn’t know the real you like you know yourself. Trust me - try okcupid before plunking down money on eharmony ... BTW I do not work for okcupid … enough said.


To be honest I have had pretty much the same luck on eharmony as on plenty of fish or even The best word I can use to describe these sites is AVERAGE.

I find that maybe about 20 percent of the people who I write a nice email actually write me back. The emails I write usually are mostly from scratch. I may take a few paragraphs from other messages but I do try to write a nice comment to her and make sure I include details from her profile. This is so she knows that I have actually read her profile. One thing I do recommend when writing these types of emails is to make sure you keep a copy on your computer. I store mine in outlook where there is a spelling and grammar checker. I know I am not the best writer so any advantage helps. Keeping a copy also means when you send out any emails in the future you don’t have to rewrite things like your own date ideas or your family history.

I have also met about the same number of people for dates on each of these dating sites. I am pretty picky when it comes to dating so it takes me a while and about 8 correspondences between the person I am interested in before I ask her out on a date. In total I have had about 4 dates from eharmony in the last 3 months.


Quote by: Anonymous

Is eharmony really that good?

One thing I have to say about eharmony is that I haven’t run across any scammers. The people I have talked to seem legit especially when compared to some of the other sites. Maybe this has to deal with the fact that making a profile takes so long. I initially quit after 15 minutes but I am glad I came back and finished up my test the next day. I did pay for a 3 month membership after discovering you can’t really communicate with someone if you don’t. I was a little surprised it has worked out for me. I haven’t paid for a dating site before but I was just getting sick of all the crap that comes with a free dating site.

I am still new to eharmony but I do like what I see so far.


I have had a good experience with eharmony so far but they are the first dating site I have ever joined. Their matches for the most part seem excellent but I am having some problems contacting the people. Maybe only about half the ones I send a message to ever write me back. Is this normal on a dating site? I would think if you joined you would be replying to most messages. I know I do even if it is just to say

“Thanks for the message but I am not interested.”

BTW what is the eharmony contact phone number? I want to talk to customer service about a small issue I have.

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