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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?


With that attitude it's no wonder you didn't meet anyone. I was on the site as a genuine female but most guys look down on you because you are on there. I'm an intelligent professional and to be quite honest most guys who approached me were quite clearly punching above their weight and were very patronising in their approach. What's good for the goose and all that but it still seems most guys are living with 19th century attitudes. For those guys that were not (very few) a great time was had by all.

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First time poster so bear that in mind lol....

It is unbelievable how many scams are being operated across so many dating websites, including a load of fake reviews websites as well lol....

Anyway there is already loads of good advice in this thread, most of it probably not what OP wanted to hear.

My take on it is slightly different, I wanted / want some discreet adult diversions. For me, POF has worked absolutely fine. There maybe some fake or old profiles, but you should be able to establish who is who pretty easily.

My main point is that if you cannot get dates through POF, then frankly you will not do any better on a paid for website. Why would you? There might be a slightly different crowd involved on AFF, OK Cupid or whatever but POF is big and popular.

If POF is not working then put more effort in your profile, some sort of pic, even disguised works (for me).... And the main thing is being original when messaging women. To me it's fairly obvious, but if someone's profile says they like tabby cats (haha) then simply google interesting facts about tabby cats and ask if she prefers classic, spot or ticked ( yes really I just googled it). Women love being asked questions. They can get to know more about you later.

To answer the Ops post more directly, to be absolutely fair a while ago I overheard two middle age women at work talking about how they have used AFF successfully, so you could maybe have a go with that as it probably isn't a complete scam. But again, POF should be your proving ground. If POF isn't working I don't believe anything also will, and you need to change / change up your approach.

It true

I have used POF and OK cupid. There both great. OK Cupid does have some fakes and I wouldn't pay for there extras on there either as it is just pointless and won't help you get a date quicker neither will POF. What it will do is make you look desperate which will allow fakes to find you easier.

I met a lovely girl in Denton on OK cupid and while were broken up now we still enjoyed a wonderful year together.


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Well I fell for it to and it's kinda embarrassing. I just wanted to meet someone for casual sex.

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Well, from what I can see a lot of the hookup sites are what I would consider scams. And by scams, I mean using fake profiles to lure people in to shell out money.

As far as finding any that work? Well I've heard that Ashely Madison works, but for those who haven't been paying attention that site got hacked a while back and a LOT of people got burned, i.e. personal details released in a database post... and yes, I was one of them and now I'm getting random extortion phishing emails piling up in my junk box (thankfully my email server is good at screening them).
As far as I can tell it was actually 'legit' in the sense that there were real people on there. I actually did get emails back from a few, one had a nasty VD (though thankfully they had the courtesy to let me know before we actually did anything). And another backed out after having second thoughts. So, yes it was 'real', but I'm never going back. My info got leaked in that hack so I personally won't trust them again.

As for AFF, that one DID work. I met someone. I'm not a perfect 10 and neither are they, but the sex was definitely good. I also met one other who ended up flaking out repeatedly. But again, I would classify the site as 'legit'.

Most of the other hookup sites I tried seemed like junk. I would immediately get spammed by dozens of emails / IM's before I even put any details into my profile. And of course, none of that was real... Read the fine print on a lot of those sites and you will find out that they fabricate profiles or 'initiate contact on behalf of users to promote interaction'... So yes, there are a LOT of scam sites out there.

Lastly, both AFF and AM had a LOT more men than women. I think that's probably true of every hookup site out there. As far as I can tell, AM openly lied about that as was seen by the hack data if you read the news... I don't think AFF has ever claimed to have a balanced male to female ratio, so at least they don't lie about it.
So if you do plan on using a hookup site just be aware that the women on the site will probably have their inboxes filled to the brim with emails from the bazillions of random Joe-Schmo profiles. That means they probably spend most of their time having to sift through a lot of junk, which means its up to you to stand out... Honestly I think I only met the one person I did out of shear luck, and that was after 2 years of trying.
On that note, DO NOT expect the women to contact you first... unless you have the body of a Greek god or something... EVERY single email I got from a 'woman' initiating contact ended up being some kind of scam or stripper trying to get me to join a random cam site or something like that.

Similarly, most of them will probably be tired of sifting through the same one liners, junk shots, and rude / obnoxious losers. So don't be surprised if you don't get much response at first...

So, if you want to still try, I would suggest AFF as a start. I'm not saying its great but at least I had some fun on the flash chat and forums while I was there... But be prepared to actually have to work at it if you want to get anywhere.

Lastly, remember even if a site does have 'real' profiles and they don't make fake profiles themselves, that doesn't there won't be scammers that do. You'll have to learn how to spot them and ignore them... like I said, most of the women probably won't be contacting you, you will have to contact them. If someone does contact you first, don't be surprised if it turns out to be a scam.


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Guys/Girls if its too good to be true ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, no woman/guy with half a brain would fall for that, I guess I have less than half a brain since I decided to spend the full 2.99 for a 3 day membership at , I quickly realized the answers were computer generated responses to my questions LOL - I should know better!!!!
to make matters worse try cancelling the repeat charges in the small print!!!! I was careful enough to follow all the cancellation steps very closely and in the end I only spent 2.99 Lesson learned!!!!

Idea Big Grin Question thats not totally true I was on be naughty for 2months around 5 years ago there was a fair share of fake profiles but not near as many as on other sites I may have not have gotten laid in the 2 months but If I would have just wasn't living close to the girls I connected with but I did make like 8 really good female friends that we are still cool to this date maybe I didn't get what I was after but I got something better and to be clear I could have had sex with any one of them girls I just couldn't travel that far.


never found one yet , all like the AM model ,millions of guys chasing a few 1000 fake women and getting no legovers


criminals can get an easy ride on online date sites without risk of jail time ,why waste time smuggling narcotics or flesh trade rackets when they can open a date site and make a killing without risk


then theres the sites with Nigerians using fake woman profiles to get you to send money ,you can waste months talking to an african fella who is using a glam womans photo and has you taken in


if you see 'global personals' in the the terms you know its a scam site as they generate large numbers of sites such as fling dot com and you likely to see their name somewhere in the small print


I just joined a website. I was getting messages from girls. I got a trial membership, and the moment i paid everything suddenly stopped. No messages. no answers from girls i contacted. Nothing.
I just cancelled the account, Hopefully they wont keep charging my card.

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