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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?


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Yes! ALL sex dating sites are scams, usually run from America. Do not waste your money.
If you want to meet a partner stay away from any site that offers members wanting just sex. THEY ARE ALL SCAMS!

The scam sites tend to be run from somewhere outside the US, usually Cyprus or something. Clearly people aren't reading the Terms of Service documents.


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They are all scams. Unfortunately I have wasted a lot of money to find this out. Adult Friend Finder is one big scam and so is and eHarmony. You get sucked in with "free weekends" or "free to join" then get bombarded with messages from fake women asking you to contact them, but first you have to pay. As soon as you pay your membership, those women all disappear. As soon as eHaemony got my money, they told me that they could not match me with anyone! I'm not rich and don't ride a Harley but other than that I'm a normal single white male. isn't a scam, I met several very attractive nice woman from that site, went for drinks with 2 or 3, wasn't desperate and wasn't just looking for a hook up either. I ended up meeting someone else via not online married her, but I actually am still friends 'facebook' with 2 or 3 of the woman that I met/talked to/etc Of course at the time I was 30 years old, thin, with a solid build (former college athlete), with a good career.....never used As for the other sites, I've looked and its the same thing spam messages, then pay then never hear from anyone. I did have some success on one site several years ago but I've forgotten the name, maybe Yea I believe that was it...


lol all dating sites arent spam


Yes..he is paid for sure....e-harmony sucks....only matches are way out of your criteria and way to expensive...a lot more that 49.95


Just go out, clubs, bars, gyms, classes, churches. Talk to girls and be cool and normal. Stay away from this online garbage

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Not all adult dating sites are scam, I have found in the past that free sites, you do get a lot of scammers on them, I have had a few people contact me, and how there emails arrived, and how they talked, would not entertain them, but the paid sites are better, the ones I have joined, have had quite a few nice people contact me, found a very good one, you have to pay, but had quite a bit of response, just testing the water for now. Will let you know when I take the plunge and meet someone. I also was told a lot of the free sites are not monitored, and you do not know who you are contacting, but the paid ones, they are monitored, and everything is checked before a profile goes on to the dating site.


Stay away from complete rip off...took my money and did not credit my account and did not answer my emails.. Stay clear guy

They're not scams. I've met real life models on adult dating sites. You just have to play your cards right and not be a perv.

anon guy

Stay away from social sex....totally fake, many responses are from fake profiles and by paid staffers. But this probably isn't news to anyone.


I am a 33 yo white male from seabrook NH and those who say AFF IS FAKE ARE 150% DEAD WRONG!!!I I have no reason to lie, yes most sites are FULL of spam but AFF has little to none and over the past 11 months have hooked up with more girls than I have my entire life! I tried hoohup cloud and that was a scam to get money! All these sites have real girls but no doubt about it AFF is by far the most legitimate! Yes I am a very attractive and polite guy that girls really like but did I mention that I am in a wheelchair! I can walk and girls dont even get phased! I am stupid for even saying thi bcuz the only downside is that it is flooded with guys! But they all are. The guys that say that AFF is fake are either very unattractive or have no game! Or maybe I am more attractive than Im told! I was just reading these reviews and didnt plan posting until I saw how absolutely wrong the other post are! Honestly I dont even try that hard, but if I wanted to put my time in I could hookup with @least 3 or 4 different attractive girls a week! I'm not lying and have zero reason to cuz Im actually hurting myself by drawing more guys. Actually I am supposed to be meeting another girl tonight for the 1st time! I wish I could pist pics of these girls cuz I would. Dont listen to the guys who have had no luck and girls if u read this and ur on AFF my name is the same here as there look me up!

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