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Ashley Madison Scam


Quote by: JD

AM does work you just have to learn to spot the suspect ads. All dating sites have them with the hook-up type dating sites having more than most. Just remember, if the woman contacting you is too good to be true then it probably is.

Naw it dosent work cause like you say, need to spot the suspect ads! and 99% are suspicious!
So who would want to pay for a 1% chance?

50% fake ads
40% Escorts (pay extra) trust me on this one
9.0% Wanabe women
1.0% Decent enough to meet.


In my opinion, if your gona have an affair, get off the computer and do it the old fashion way!
AM is designed to take your money and thats all they care about.
If your a member there take a look around, its design is the prefect way to con you in.

Someone show interest in you, you contact them, they magically disappear. (all the time)
If that is not a con artist, then I dont know What is.


I have joined A-M but havent bought any credit to see how it works. I wonder why those really hot chicks that send me collect messages would need this services to have fun with guys.. The theory of the' fake babes profiles in ur area' is starting to make sense..
Does anyone know a better alternative?


Unfortunately i got suckered into this site. When you sign up, everyone messages you. As soon as you PAY for credits, good luck in trying to actual have a decent conversation with any female profiles on there let alone to meet any anybody!!! When they do respond to you, its just very short generic messages you get, no matter how much thought you put into your message. As you read through this thread, Im not the only one who seen the light, just to late for me."bye bye money" In my opinion, (seen through the eye of a full paid member) DON'T DO IT! If you do, you'll be sadly disappointed with the site!


I had paid for a basic package to try it. I had messaged a few profiles I liked and can honestly say that I have had no replies to my messages. I have been polite honest and have yet if there was a woman who is anything like their profiles describe then you would think even one out of those mails would have been replied with a few short words. I sent the messages so it would hvae bene free to just reply. Are there real women on there? I cant say that I believe that there is.Now that my credits are finished I am being sent gifts from deleted profiles and omg chat requests. What bs. My advice your money

wake up

I've done internet dating for years, mainly on rsvp. In the last couple of weeks I've looked around for other sites. I signed up for a 3 day trial on Mate1 and created a profile for Ashley Madison but didn't give my credit card details. On the Mate 1 site I received a steady stream of emails from really good looking women, which, given my experience on more mainstream sites, seemed completely implausible. The same thing, but not as frequent on Ashley Madison. I didn't know there were women who were so good looking in my town. Stupidly, I looked for reviews of the sites after I'd given my credit card details to Mate 1 for the three day trial. I read tons of review saying that people had paid $1.75 for a 3 day trial, and then when they tried to cancel the trial BEFORE the end of the trial period, they were slugged almost $50 for a 3 month period. During the trial period I sent a few emails to people contacting me saying that I thought the contact was implausible. One girl (seemingly gorgeous) didn't respond to my queries but said she would chat with me...and on the Mate 1 site you get a constant stream of chat requests anyway. NOTHING like that happens on RSVP and, especially given the multitude of bad reviews about both sites online, I'd say you're crazy to sign up to these sites. I went so far as to cancel my card to be sure they couldn't withdraw $ from it at the end of the period - which would be illegal anyway, but the trouble involved in chasing them for it simply isn't worth it. Just forget them. Stick with the conventional sites.


Be warned!

I joined this site and with a few hours I received a 'collect letter'. But it was very odd because the young women was 30 years younger than I was and I had given out so little information. Also, strangely enough she gave access to a naked photo and she was extremely pretty. The other odd thing was that I'd made a mistake giving my weight as 41 kg.

Now, how is it that this young lady responds to me almost minutes after my joining? Why is she contacting me , 39 years older when there are hundreds of younger men, much more desirable? And she contacts someone whom she thinks is 41 kilos!! I'm actually 90 kg but so what. I would have been more impressed had a women within my age bracket contacted me. So my inference is that this agency is shonky. Of course, you are going to get the occasional hit on some real person but not before spending a good deal of money. And will that real person be satisfactory?

Try other sites


My post from here about 10 days ago was removed. 10 days ago I thought it was a scam..I resigned once more and messaged and awesome profile.. She replied...we chatted on the phone and amazingly..its a girl I asked out 25 years ago and her parents were against other races dating.
Well we have hit it off...we are both keen and omg what a woman. Amazing..beautiful ... The key is to observe the profiles and learn to pick fakes.. Then be honest what you want...message those women only. She was the only one I messaged second time round and weve connected..
It works..its real...

Decent Looking Guy

So I read most of the post here and some say there are fake profiles on there but you need to figure out witch one are fake?!? Huh??

If its been said there are fake profiles on there, why would you want to waist your money? Who are the fake profiles, guys, girls AM staff?? The site obviously doesn't care that much that there are fake profiles on there, or they would at least try and make improvements to weed out there fake profiles. They do have members feedback, but no way to rate a member as far as bad experiences go. Now I don't think it it should be made out like a bashing feed back, but with out being able to create a fulll spectrum of feed back on a member, a guess is just a guess on who fake and who not. In my opinion there are more fake profiles on there than any other site out there. Whats also funny is, when you click on "report this user as suspicious" it takes you tho the FAQ's *lol* Whom ever is creating the fake profile on there helps the site and not the users , so if your thinking about paying AM I would strongly suggest not to. But if your dumb enough like ME, then go ahead and waist your cash like i did.


Quote by: Savannah Dude

A-M is not a scam. I've talked to 5 women of which I've had great sex with two of them and 2 other great cyber sex. The cost of subscribing is a lot cheaper than the typical BS dating scene and unless you're just plain nasty you've got a good chance of getting laid. .

what about the "wanna be" men they set you up with? loaded up with the blue pill. pft!

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