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Ashley Madison Scam


Not sure scam is the correct word but it's a complete waste of money. Why else would they have to create all of the fake review sites touting how great it is. I bought credits and can tell you it's a complete waste of time. Lesson learned.


i have been on AM and i am real...i have met 3 men for coffee a few times...however i dont think i really want to get a room anytime soon....even though the company is enjoyable...maybe some of the men are so unfortunate that the women dont
want to reply....but i am living proof that there are real women on there...and just to be polite i DO answer all that message me...
however i may not meet have two choices....go back to your wife and behave!...or keep trying to
get a live one on AM....good luck boys!


I have been active on AM off and on for several years. It is DEFINITELY NOT a scam. While it's true that there are fake profiles, like previous posters have said, you can usually spot the fakes after browsing a while.

I have met several nice ladies over the years and had an extended sexual relationship with one.

Good luck to all who try it!


I don't know there are so much scam. But I am there for one month, met a man came to my city, and it was, gosh, the best ever for both of us! I knew i am a quite pretty woman, but he definitely made me feel that i was the most sexy one...... thank AM. He thinks he is the lucky guy, while I know I am actually the lucky one. Human beings are mirrors to each other. I just hid my AD yesterday and yes, it takes time to digest the happiness.

some ideas for men, no offense and don't generalize. Let it go if you don't agree and good luck to all the beautiful lives with sincere dreams:
1. I don't think there are many women for real putting pictures on the AM. I myself never felt comfortable to do that.
2. I don't think there are many women for real will initiate a chat, since after we logged in, there will be man come to us all the time.
3. I don't think it's disrespectful to ask women to transfer to free chat program. Honestly if the window of buying credit pop up, i will asked whether the man want to transfer to yahoo, which is free.
4. I was told that my AD is different since I was for real and very straight forward about what I want. I don't think there are many women for real will take a football team, or their standards matches every male animal in the world.
5. Probably a woman for real will be conservative about her sexy part...... at least I didn't have the confidence first. I worried about that I had a tiny belly, even probably 90% woman in the world have bigger belly than me...... just women strange psychological whatever thing.....

Again: no offense and best wishes to everyone.


Totally confused here. I actually believe some of the early posts may have been done by AM people too. If Am is a scam which sites are not a scam? Rolling Eyes


Being unmarried and uninterested in messing with the marriages of others, I haven't actually been on the site. However, in my area [Toronto], AM received a pretty tremendous amount of newspaper coverage due to its "novel" concept. Obviously that doesn't make or break it, but given the amount of investigative scrutiny it was under, I would assume that a largely faked profile database would have been mentioned, which I don't recall it having been.


Brave woman

I am a real woman, I'm not some ugly freak, I'm not a professional escort and I'm on Ashley Madison, just because I look for discretion and fun. I can see there are a lot of guys, way more than girls, it seems, but I've met a couple of persons who didn't think I'm an escort or a desperate chick. Maybe some men have a hard time accepting that intelligent, attractive women look for flings or affairs. We are real, and if we don't get what we need at home, we will go to AM. Lucky the guys who do believe that can happen and who are not sexist enough to think just men look for affairs.


Ashley Madison is not totally a scam, although I have heard some nightmare stories about most of the women just wanting money, cars, etc. I also know that there are men who pose on there as women.

I am a female who used Ashley Madison about a year ago, and I did meet a guy. Things were great for our one meeting, but apparently he was looking for a lot of one-night stands, despite what he claimed. I, on the other hand, was looking for a discreet, on-going relationship with no strings as at that time I was married.

I am currently separated, and I am wondering if anyone knows of a good site for people who, like me, really miss the passion and crave an intimate relationship without a deep involvement. I spend countless hours puzzling over this one. I don't want to pick someone up in a bar; I don't want someone who is living with a spouse and wanting to cheat. The ideal relationship for now is to be involved with someone with whom I can share a friendship and go out some, and share an intimate relationship. I just am definitely not looking for marriage or for a dependent type of situation.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I joing this site and had many of the same experiences. One girl starting writing me. When I asked her to just email me at my yahoo account. Never heard back. This site clearly is just working people for their $$/

Pissed off customer

What a waste of money. I could have went club hopping to 6 different clubs and picked up at least 2 women. Don't wast your money. Angry Angry

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