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Sexsearch is a total scam. There are not people that have a pulse on line. I have sent out 35 emails and offered money to just reply and have gotten NO replies at all. Same people after weeks are waiting for review, contacted one women that I know is on Craigs list, and she doen't know about it. And try to jet your money back Good luck. These people are making good money because we are suckers.


I sent out 70 messages to women on this site.I included a picture of my self and a well known celebrity - eva longoria which I took when I saw her in LA , at least 1 of the 70 women would have recognized her. They all responded with the same message. You are very cute , will the girl be joining us aswell. If i could get the "girl" to join me of course I would. Funny How not one of them recognised EVA LONGORIA. I called my Credit Card company and they put a hold on the charge to my CC. They told me to call the billing company and tell them the story and to have them refund my money or they would. The billing company was very accomadating and refunded me instantly.The guy on the phone did not even seem surprised about the story I was telling him. IF YOU WERE TAKEN BY THIS SIGHT CALL YOUR CC COMAPNY AND THEN CALL THE BILLING COMPANY. YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK


Anonymous is a SCAM! After I signed up as Gold Member, instantly 9 girls where showing interest, 25 were viewing me. I sent several emails to different girls, but no answer. Besides that the numbers 9 and 25 did not change at all since then. Make sure you stop the monthly automatic renewal so at least you don get charge going forward.


I am responding to previous inputs regarding

After reading inputs about this link--I sent them a request to remove all BOTs off my account. Apparently sexsearch did just that--and this past week I have received only 1 email. With the automatic BOTs turned off--there doesn't seem to be much to the site.

Please consider your options when looking at a site--I paid for this site and it seems it was a donation that I wish I had not made.



I signed up for it and met someone there. He's not fat or anything, cute little nerd actually. The internet can be quite convenient sometimes.We have been uh "together" for the past 3 months. But hey I am a girl and all so I guess guys are more willing to meet? For some reason it was free for me also though (i guess the female thing again?)


I was struck by the choice of usernames - started using that to filter out the fakes. I had mails from a plotzycov, plotzycof, plotzskydot (some wierd jewish community???) lopendorf, flopperitz, blostidty - I could go on. Must say its all become rather depressing.....


BE CAREFUL!!! This website also deals with payments in a not secure way.


Oops! Yes, sad but true. Just another sucker for the many scam sites out there. Lesson learned. Totally a scam site. is another scam site!! There are genuine sites out there though. is on of them. Not many single females though. mostly couples. Reasonable too. $9.95 monthly.

anonymous female

I think the guys who are complaining are not truthful in their profiles or descriptions of what they are looking for. Not every gal on the site is a ravishing beauty - young and hot. If you are honest about who and what you really are looking for, we are out there. I have dated several guys who contacted me - after screening first their postings, then email conversations, and then phone conversations before agreeing to meet. I'd say about one in one hundred is genuine, and of those maybe one in five is right for what I want. Don't go by the ratings as such-they are only a guideline. The highest I've seen is 70%, and I would not want anything to do with him after reading his profile. The guys I have met have been a mixed bag-some one-night stands, and a couple that I have a continuing relationship with.
So, my advise is be yourself, be realistic, be determined, and screen, screen, screen.

joe bloggs

This is definitely a scam site, I can't believe I fell for it. S**t, here a quote from one such lady she even says other guys thinks she not real, bastard is right. What kind of Physiology do they think they are playing at. This site should be banned. Read this, they must pay people to create this shit. Subject: Am I Fooling Myself Message: I don't normally write letters like this but I am getting frustrated. I have sent out a dozen letters to different guys and the only response I got was that I wasn't real. I wrote back to him and told him I was real and he never wrote me back. I know I am not the best looking woman on the planet and my body isn't model material but I know I am good looking enough to have men interested in me. It's not difficult for me to go out with some friends and meet a man but on here it's like I have leprosy. I don't want to sound too desperate but I am getting frustrated. I just want to get laid without having to worry about getting tied down in a relationship. You have the chance to be my first connection on this site before I cancel. What so you say? Cancelled my credit card. glad it only cost me $29 f**** dollars. Bastards are not getting a penny more. Learn't my lesson though, stick to the bars, the women are real.

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