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Warning is completely fake!!!!

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You idiots. So many posts on this topic that say "i signed up with and it's fake" blah blah blah. If it's completely fake then how come you signed up. Are you saying that you're not a real person? Do you think you're the only genuine people who signed up? There are thousands just like you, which makes the site genuine. Of course they put in extra profiles and set up video chat and try to get extra cash out of you, so what...... It doesn't mean there aren't any real people on it. Stop bitching and if you're too sad to even manage a shag from a dating site, and too stupid not to fall for the added scams then stick to a copy of Razzle and a tub of KY

straight up

To the Fling user responding before this post and also the abusive "IDIOT" on page 2, it's you guys that are the pathetic tools. Real e-badasses you are. It is possible to tell it how it really is without being a total jerkoff. I'm sure you both are regular web cam jerkoffs there.

Suprise: Yes, Fling is fake.... and all of the beautiful women in the adds show up in muliple adds under different names and cities. The old addage of "if it looks too good to be true", guess what? it is. Are there some real people there? absolutely. As has been said, most of the real (non scam bot) women are either paid to hang out there in the chat rooms and/or get their access for free. In my experience, (recently cancelled my membership after 1 month) most of the real women there are not there for a "fling" as the site suggests. They are there to be seen and to get praised and hit on for ego boosting. Also, there are some childish social cliques going on there with immature abuse of moderator priviliges (read that as they get off on booting random people from the chat rooms) some deserve it, some don't. If you really think about it, there are some really creepy people there that get off on masturbating on web cams. To each their own I guess.

I'm sure there are stories of successful "flings" from the site, but that does not change the fact that they use deceptive tactics to get people lured in and end up getting at least 1 month of revenue from them before they figure out what's going on. does the exact same thing. I must have gotten over 50 scam attempts there before I gave up trying without finding not one actual real since add.

The good news is at least so far, I've not had a problem cancelling once I got fed up.

So far, Yahoo personals has been better, but they too seem to have their share of "check out my webcam hun, just need to use your credit card to verify your age, they won't actually charge youir card" scams as well as plenty of "Nigerian" scammers operating tere at will. Funny how most list post graduate levels of education, but you can easily see the writing style in their profiles and chat exchanges don't refecty advanced education. Pretty easy to spot now for me, unfortunately.


I have had a few fling accounts due to the fact that they cancel my membership for one reason or another. Something is really wrong with that if you ask me. They tell you that you can make another account with another email address but what's the point. If u do it on the same computer they see the ip address and automatically delete your account. I'm glad that I didn't have to pay(I think they only make men pay) because this site is a waste of time. I did meet a really nice guy on there but that's the only good thing that came from me signing up, but I will never so it again.


I have been using this site for awhile. I have meet several ppl too. I get messages from a vast selection of guys and girls. I lie to the ulgies and have had sex with two guys. It turns out some of the guys pictures are old and not even them sometimes. So it's not only the ladys sweeties Rolling Eyes


yep. some guy in brooklyn with some nude pics phishing for your id


Quote by: common sense master

LOL - I kept seeing the fling logo and figured I would check out the scam. First thing that tipped me off was you can't do anything
until you pay. So I searched the internet for experiences. And ofcourse it brought me here. There are many sites
like this, and others. No I did not need to pay to KNOW they are scam sites. Try or yahoo personals.
Those are true dating sites. I think yahoo will also give a free 3 day pass. by the way who would want a girl who would just post
naked pictures to a dating site? why would you want to sign up for anyway? is not a dating a site. the name says it all. u dumb as hell to go to a site looking for someone to date.


Fling is a scam for most. It is generated more for girls, than guys. It is the old saying" If you are ugly, don't expect beautiful. I posted my pictues on there and got plenty of genuine respones, just not my calibur. If you can't get a hook up in real life, What makes you think they are going to love you, once they see a picture??

Black Ninja

Notice the ppl that are writing positive experience from fling, Are nothing but employees that work there to make sure there scam keep working. To give ppl a small hope of meeting real ppl, thats why they tell you to spend your money for better services. A blue bird filled me in on this dirty company.


I actually purchased a three month membership searching for sexual encounters ( I travel alot and do not have time to party or meet locals). I have NEVER met anyone from that sight, have exchanged a few e-mails, but they never showed up when we were to meet.


Might be fake but there are some real woman on there!! I meet two woman off that site just watch out for they use the fling listings for there site.

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