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The owner of plenty of fish is a vindictive creep


What you guys need to realize is that running a dating service is an image thing. If you said outright that your dating service successfully pairs up 1 to 10 percent of all the people who apply, you wouldn't be in business very long. You'd need to advertise enough to drown out the people who come up with the statistics.


I have enough information that will make you think a million times bout this free site. IT IS BAD NEWS.

Nothing but fakes, liars, golddiggers.

your friend may have been roaylly mind fu!ked.

He may have thought he met the women of his dreams and found out her true nature and is depression.

I do not have any more to offer.

On line date site need federal regulation NOW.

They are the number one busines on the internet and in any other way of doing buisness that would be this large, there would be some type of federal guide lines.

It is like the wild west when it comes to these site.

And Marcus Fink is a real SOB along with his moderators.

He has lied about POF being the largetst date site in the world on his site. It may be the largest in the UK ONLY.

But it NOT in the world. Another lie , Marcus. Can you tell us another one?

I am sorry about your friend.


POF is a POS!
Question anything about this site in the forums and the thread will be deleted
The price is free and it's worth every cent - Almost.
The fourth reich is here and it's called Plenty of fish!


Quote by: Anonymous

Marcus Frind (I think I did not spell his name correctly but you can google POF to find out the guys name if you want).

He claims that he pulls in $10,000 K a DAY and one person posted that he made several million dollars in a very short time with his plenty of fish site.

This site is about as effective as getting a date as walking into a hole in the wall bar on a weeknight and expect to find the woman of your deams (or even a single woman ). And she will have anything to do with you.

His followers are almost religeous in their zeal regarding this man and his site. Of course people are jealous that he has created a site that supposedly makes so much money.

But read the testimonials and other sub-forums on the site and it is nothing but rudeness, people leaving right and left (but there are always new suckers that take their place), the forums are heavily censored and if you are one of the favored people, you can say anything. But if you are not one of the chosen, you will have your post voted on to be deleted. So much for freedom of expression but it Is a Canadian site and they dont have that in their consititution pershaps like we do in the US.

But censorship, the fact this is mainly a chat site where people complain that all men want is sex or all women want are rich handsome guys ( same on all dating sites) but that would be ok IF this site actually connected people.

If there really WAS that much dating going on, people would not have time to complain in the forums and every third post would not be titled 'why I am leaving POF'.

As for the revenue issue, I just can't see how this site generates so much income unless google pays for each time a person logs onto the site. If THAT is the answer, then it would be easy to hire a web master, create some hot sounding site (who cares about content) and try to get someone like google on board to pay you $$$ for each site hit.

I have no problesm with people who talk the talk. The problem is that these people have to walk the walk too

Now you look like a fool because POF was sold for 570Million USD in '15, bahahaha idiot


lots of complaints from unhappy gents on youtube on POF .the women are losers ,divorcees with kids looking for mr perfect ..many never seeem to get hooked up and complain ''where are all the good guys gone''?
some say they have made 2 or 3 attempts at joining to find some guy..its like a ''mexican standoff '' on POF..

markus the owner sold the site to some months ago for over $500 they shelled out half a billion for a sh it ty website of dud profiles
markus still seems to have a roll on there running it despite cashing in.


i get an invite to view 11 women who want to meet me but when i take a look it goes to an upgrade screen for 3 month 6 month and 12 month payments plans..disengenuous invitation


The owner of pof is a creep. First of all he determines what age groups you can contact. In his screwed up mind a 59 year old man is too old for a 46 year old woman and so he won't allow him to message her. What an ass!

Secondly, he upgraded my account without getting my approval. When I wrote to complain (you can't call the creeps), I never got an answer. So then I called my credit card company and asked them to contact POF to refund my credit card. Two days later I got an email from pof saying they would take care of it (whatever that means).

Now, in a pure act of vindictiveness, Markus the creep made it so I can no longer log onto pof. I even tried creating a new account under a different email and I was still blocked. Markus Grind (or whatever his name is) is the epitome of pettiness and vindictiveness. A creep to the nth degree.


POF is all dead accounts which is why guys get so few replies .markus the owner sold it to Match for 500million $ so to exact that price he had to inflate the customer base .it operates round the world and aussie mates say they get no replies from women either .huge waste of time ..


it operates all around the globe so theres enough suckers to shell out money on this P O S site .its the numbers game for scummy websites and they cant lose


Quote by: Anonymous

it operates all around the globe so theres enough suckers to shell out money on this P O S site .its the numbers game for scummy websites and they cant lose

Yall are mistaking where the money is coming from. In reality, the people who sign up for the site "POF" are the products. The site is not a product, the people who join it are, and all their information is sold to corporations who profile them for specialized propaganda for social engineering.

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