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Man... As I said on my earlier posts, HM is not fake... I have banged 3 women on there within the last year.... I just met a hot babe on 3/12/2011... We chatted for a few days.... We never even went on a date or dinner... She invited me to her house on 3/18/2011 and we had hot sex... The key to meeting women is to be a gold member and only send messages to women who are "currently online" as they are typically on there in real time... If u are a standard member u will not get any action at all because you can't send messages and the women will think u are cheap/broke... Now there are women on there who are trying to scam people, but HM will quickly find them out and delete their profile.... For those of u who keep saying it is a scam it is because u are getting no action or replies... Face it, if u are a loser or your pics suck, women will not reply... It is just like going to a bar, hot guys get the most play... I am tall, muscular and have slightly above average looks... I have a pic of my body with my shirt off and 2 cock shots, and I get tons of replies.... If u think u are going to bang a new woman every week, that won't happen, just like in real life... These women have a lot of options on there and they are all trying to find a certain type of guy... And they are not sleeping with every guy they meet even if their profile states that....take it from someone who had success on the site, it is not "fake"... The key to getting laid on there is to be a gold member and have a solid profile with nice pics.... If u are not that attractive u will have a hard time getting laid, yes like in real like, so face the facts....If u want pointers... Check my profile out, my tag name is donfrontenac


Horny Matches is a complete waste of time.

We're a "frisky erotic couple" who were baited into a 3 month membership by what looked like a good sized variety of ads and lots of "winking" going on.

As a couple specifically looking for another woman our ad is specific; yet all we get is repeated 'winking' from PAID members who cannot bother to reply with a simple "Hello.", or endless day-to-day 'winking' from other men on the other side of the continent. 30 e-mails later and we get ONE response from a 'local Caucasian woman' stating "Helo!... What you like for do couplez fun me?" Wonder how she immigrated to Canada with a command of English like that?... Wink

Typical of most systems who seem to have a massive, varied database of members, is that no-one actually has an active membership any more - yet the ads still run - and you cannot send or reply to messages unless you're BOTH a paid up member.

I guess it's typical that people try to abuse these systems so they're setup to prevent 'cheating the system'... but it's frustrating when people sign up with a free membership, then never bother to return once they find out the system blocks all interaction and contact except for paid members, yet expired ads never seem to be "cleaned out".

My G/F and I have moved on... with great success found elsewhere.


Big Grin I found my horney match on this site---yep--started out as a standard member and was soon upgraded by the site to gold or silver. Met several men and had hot sex!! Then met my match 2 years ago and are soon to be married. Doesnt seem like a place to meet someone to marry--we were very lucky and now are completely content!!!! My guy thinks women have more luck than men on this site. For us this site wasn't a scam. Good Luck!

Mad consumer

After horny matches took my money, they made it difficult to make contact with other members. So I decided to set a trap. I set up 2 bogus accounts with different computers, and servers. We posted pics seeking each other with 5 star matches and gold memberships. No matter how hard we tried, we were unable to contact each other, even though we were sitting right next to each other. ITS ALL BULLSH....! don't even try to post your nude pics you'll never know where they'll end up. I'm taking this evidence to Fox news and expose them. The CEO is probably some short bald dune coon, with a name like Actishiacamabuli.Working from his stinky conveinient store, that sells K2 and other synthetic drugs to kids. If you read this, stand up for yourself and try making an honest living !!!!!!t


Rolling Eyes
Whomever reads this posting and smart enough not to fall into this trap. D O N O T waste your money nor time on this site. I was getting messages of “horny” women daily, once I signed up for membership I didn’t get a thing. Surf fantasize but don’t waste your money.


Cry This site is rubbish!!! How many times have I asked various women to contact me and there has been no reply? Strangely, they seem to have sent me email messages and photos from women who live near me. But when I try to contact them, send messages, there is no response. I don't believe this ite is genuine. I have read many blogs about this site and nothing adds up!! I wish I had never dealt with them. Wow. What an experience. Goodbye and good luck to all who want to get involved with this nonsense. I have had enough. These are cunning people who know what they are doing in this area. I am so sorry I allowed myself to be conned. I will always reret it.


It looks like almost all the bad reviews are from man, well I am a woman and I believe it is a big scam. Although I didn't pay the money, I never do pay to a dating web as I know there are lots of scams. The website did let me join it without paying any subscription. I got lot of winks and e-mails from guys and I just replayed to a one of them that it looked genuine, I could email him without paying nothing, we were emailing each other for about one month maybe more, and he explained me a lot of personal staff, and when I said ok let’s have a date is when I couldn’t go ahead, I tried to email him again and then I was redirected to the page where you need to upgrade your account…. So there you go… If the guy was real they read the e-mails but I suppose they just have people emailing to everyone…


I'm getting this impression from my experience as well. Got a couple e-mails from a really hot looking woman (2 within 30 minutes). I signed up so I could respond to her. Big mistake. Never heard from her again, though I sent her like 4-6 e-mails in response. I've also noticed that all of the women are ALWAYS online. Hmmm....
Angry I guess two e-mails in a row from a hot younger woman when I had no profile picture up yet should've been a clue, eh?

And we're supposed to believe posts like the one from Donfrontenac (anonymous) who claims the opposite. What do you bet they're a representative of the site...


This site is TOTALLY FAKE. It doesn't take a PhD to figure out that if there are more than one pic they don't match. If one says they are ample only to show a skinny chic. How does a woman pay to be a GOLD member and not fill out any of her information. FAKE FAKE FAKE. Save your money or better yet help shut this piece of *censored* down.


The site is a scam and they have a ton of people working for them running admin on created profiles. Sadly I was duped and paid for the membership after having a bunch of emails and winks. Of course after I paid I got no responses and NONE of the people that were initially "Interested" ever responded. After 2 months (I paid for 3) of messaging basically any and everyone I could just to see if I could get a single response I had ZERO. I got tons of winks but NOBODY would respond. It’s a complete SCAM! (BTW I'm not ugly. I’m a damn good-looking guy)
I did use AshleyMadison and hooked up with a very sexy 19yr old in the first week of using that site. <-- No BS, I’m a real person not affiliated with either site in any way shape or form.

Another Site that was successful for me in the past (6 yrs ago) was Fling. But I tried it 6 months ago and it seems to have been overrun by fake profiles and webcam scams.

Does anyone have another site that they have had luck with???

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