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I'm a standard member on the site...there is one girl that seems really real and keeps emailing me but then again it could be a scam. I dont want to pay and get scammed. I'm pissed that it cant post anything that will help give out contact info...and that u can only send one wink a day to the same user. I just wanted to try one more thing if it doesnt work then im deleting my account cuz it seems like its just one big scam. I was wondering if there r any gold members willing to help me out...can u send this a girl a message to tell her that i cant respond to her messages...n to send me her contact info like email or fb name...thanks guys i would really appreciate it if someone would be willing to help me out. I just want see if she is for sure real or fake.


I joined after being a free member for a while, i kept getting mails constently so i went a head and joined out of stupidity thinking that all those mails i couldnt read were legit, right after joining it all stopped. They have many upon many bots to lure you in. But i did find a completely free "COMPLETELY" free dating site , even if you are just looking for a quick fling, its, check it out.

method Man

I just saw this site as well?????, looks okay, but this is Vegas, nothing is what it seems, Las Vegas


There are a fair number of genuine girls on hornymatches, but there are a lot of joke profiles on there also. I've had quite a lot of interest and joined because of that - BUT - a few days afterwards, my account stopped working properly and I couldn't send or receive any messages (even to a fake profile I set up) and customer support is USELESS. They'll take your money and ignore you if there's a problem.
MaritalAffair has much better service, but I've had a lot less interest on that site and I'm no slouch! There's a lot more competition on that one and it's more expensive.
Your money is probably better spent on a call-girl!


This site is a complete fake. If you waste your time joining you'll get tons of emails as a standard member but you cant respond. As soon as you upgrade to Gold, wouldn't ya know it, not only will no one respond to your emails but all the fake profiles that had emailed you suddenly go silent. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID.

was gold member

This is total scam. I replied to four of them, because they are standard users which can't reply back, so in my reply I left my Email address for them to get a hold of me. Nothing in a week. I really think that some people are on the other end sending out pictures with sayings of "like to chat" or something to that effect and you get no reply. Don't fall for the membership!


Well I just pissed off that same dating site and got my profile deleted so for those of you who want to get rid of it try posting something about Facebook or myspace then wait for a email then start talking *censored* it works trust me and for the people who already paid I'm sorry and for those who haven't yet don't we need to organize a mass profile deletion to put them out of business for good


Avoid, they read all messages so whatever reaches your intended recipient is anyone's guess.
All of what I read on this forum appears correct, it's just a money making scam, most users realise this later so if your messages even reach them they are unsure of reliability. This is the probable reason its difficult to forward a contact e-mail address, even then how can you be sure it's not a site employee. Most of the users appear genuine but are at the mercy of reply they receive and it's authenticity. Dont waste your money!!


[Horny Matches and The Lonelywives club are nothing but a scam and anyone who has a brain will understand why. Your messages never go direct to the recipient, they are monitored through a message centre. Proof of this can be checked by entering a forbidden item in their rules and your message will be returned. A large majority of membership posted are fictitious and are handled by someone within the message centre, reason being secure more poor suckers to invest their money. How do I know you ask, the idiots baited me but the images they sent me to secure my membership was a person known to me. They are as pissed as I am. Pull your membership as soon as possible. How many scams are out there, be very careful, they just want your money!!!


Yep. If my profile is 'pending' then I am rather sceptical about receiving 'winks' from other members on the site who, obviously, should not be able to see my profile, not be aware of my existence. Proof positive, to my mind, that this site is a full-on scam, and a cheaper, nastier one than is the norm.

There may be a lot of sad, frustrated, angry men on the site, but there are no women, be sure of that. You see some of those 'reviews' up there, the positive ones? You don't need to be a genius to work out who contributed those 'reviews'. did. There are so many sites like this, and the fake 'come on' email is such an old trick. does it, even - you'd think they have enough money by now that they might invest in a bit of integrity.

You all need to stay away from these grubby creeps, and not be so foolish as to give them your money, because that's all you'll be doing.

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