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Quote by: claimjumper442

I too have met a few women from this site but you need to be wise to the scammers on that site,,I've found that the women with 5 stars on there profiles and quite a few votes on there pics are basically HM bots,,,, the women with 4 stars on there profile are actually real women,,,HM will give the real women free memberships but there not allowed to respond to standard members or will loose there membership. Women with 5 stars on there profile will wink and message you to get you to join,,, but will never respond back to you afterwords. Standard Women with no pics,,,are normally real,,, but you need to watch out for the scammers with perfect profiles,,,I see those and know to stay away from them.

Just that assuming Standard Women with no pics,,,are normally real, it is impossible for those standard users to contact each other. which also means there is no way for a real person to contact another real person on that site unless on of them paid.


Quote by: Sarah

I met my partner through Horny is our 2nd anniversary Big Grin

Is this for real? lol. I do believe to some extent though. after all there are still people who really paid for the membership.


Quote by: jeff

this site is a rip off, tried it thinking what a great way to meet some new people and have fun. became a gold member (a big mistake) when you finally find that one that seems real wants to hook it up guess again you get emails saying go to different site to see how to meet me. well they cost you more money and once again same thing. Basicly I believe your better of going to wal-mart or any other store go to the ladies dept and watch for the hot ones and ask them for a date your chances of hooking up are far greater.

I got a msg from a girl who sent to me to my HM inbox giving me her hotmail. Then i replied her using my hotmail.
She suggested me to go to SEXYSINGLELOCALS.COM telling me that she posted her info and photos there. well i did go but didnt pay for anything.

Besides this, I also got messages sent to my inbox at HM asking if I am interested (they are gold member) and asked me to reply them on that site. the same thing that happened to other people who mentioned here before.

I did send winks to some girls and got the winks back but no emails from them.

I have read quite a few of personal description and description for an ideal person of those gold members. they seem to be quite real but all of these could also be typed by a few hired typist like what another person who commented here.

I did try to post my contact number in non-english but still got deleted. Well, I saw 2 phone numbers somehow successfully posted on the profile of 2 girls. I send a message to both of them. i got reply from one of the them. I expected a girl calling back but i got a guy calling me instead, saying HELLO in a rather harsh way. probably moderator of HM.

Lol I just sent a wink to a girl who is at the states now, i suppose. it is freaking 5am at the states now. She replied me a wink at 5am. Well that is possible but still a little unbelievable to be true.

Well, i guess I will stay on this site for a while but definitely not going to pay for it. So guys, unless 50 bucks are nothing much for you, you can just waste it on HM, hoping to get to know someone real. LOL. if not, better not. think twice before you do it.


rip off...i am in uk,got message from someone supposedly in my town but using u.s. slang,,,also her message wasnt emailed to me as a message,just appeared on the site,then further message from someone in usa saying dont worry about being 4000 miles away, same person then asks me to meet them in a local pun...lmao complete con!!!!


Don't waste your money! It i totally bogus. The matches they give me haven't even been in my state and all I get are teen woman sending messages about the dire straits they are in and need assistance. SAVE YOUR MONEY!


Hi all,

I joined HM few weeks ago, and after some consideration (to lose money to get nothing) I sign up and PAY for gold membership. Then one of my female partner sign up too for fun and by default registered as gold membership for FREE.

Here is the tricky part. We're together in the same room with my partner and online using my computer. I login to HM using my account, sent winks, messages (i can send because i pay for Gold membership and it's the promised feature), and add her user ID to my HotList. I then logout and she login with her account. She received my wink, and my HotList, but not my message. Then, she sent the same thing (wink, message and HotList) to my account. Same thing, I receive all but the messages. Curious, we repeat sending messages for few more times, and none received by both of us.

Emailed the HM support team and got the following reply:

"Dear Member,

Please provide us with the username(s) of the person(s) who say your message was not delivered and our programming team will investigate.

All messages are delivered within 5 seconds after you sent them.

Best Regards, Support Team"

still waiting for their reply, but definitely not convincing... i myself are in IT industry and very familiar with web programming and stuff, so it would be interesting to see their reply.. seems like they are FILTERING or DID NOT DELIVER the messages at all, except for winks and hot list addition notice.

will update you all again.. but i think better use other sites..

TIPS: i joined other sites, and can access most of its features (including send message and chat) for free when I use it via my phone (access via WAP). still have to pay if you access using normal pc though, so if you have internet access from your phone, worth it to try. hope it helps.


Hello.... Somehow I never heard about unless I read the entire thread. First I thought that the respectful audience discusses a reputable, but I was wrong.


Let's just say this, these idiots use the same girls in different states! What a rip off. The same girl, just different states with different pic, but defiantly the same girl.



Their one and only purpose is to get you on a hook, so why not use the same girls in every state over and over again?
The site mentioned in Pimka's message above,,

is one of indications of how pissed people are with Horneymatches.

BTW, Real Horny Matches not only makes a really witty fun of Horneymatches (worth checking out at least for this reason), but also offers an alternative to those who are looking for a match:

if you vote "No" in response to the first of the two questions at Real Horny Matches , you will find a much better alternative, which does help you find a good girl in your neighborhood.

Can't believe i paid for that crap

It's a scam. You'll see the same pics and results with adult friend finder, Ashley Madison and Horney matches. They employ people to manage several profiles so it looks as if those unique profiles have been active. If u have guest membership and get any response it's because and to trick you into paying money to "upgrade" in order to communicate with other users.

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