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Eric Griffith

My membership with just expired and I must say, I am glad. In the 1 month that I was a member, I only met 5 legitimate women. I sent out somewhere in the area of 100 winks and 50 e-mails just to see what happened. The next thing I knew, I was getting winks from women that looked like they had no need to be on any dating site (these women were hot). So I would send them an email and not here back from any of them. In that month I also found out that there were a lot of he/she's on the site posing as women. I in fact met 1 face to face and he still would not admit he was a guy even after I confronted him on it. I would not waste my money on this site again and I am still kicking myself for doing it the first time. If you use the site, good luck! I would rather go to a laundrymat and try my luck there than to go back to HM.
In addition, don't use's dating site either. I did that for 1 week and met 5 women. All from other parts of the world with fake pix. 2 of them even had the same pix. All of them wanted me to send them money so that they can, "come show me what a real woman" is like.


Don't bother. I've been watching this site for over a year now. I paid for the first month. As with so many others posting on this thread I was made to believe there were many women interested in my profile, but quickly disappeared after I paid. A year later they are still listed as looking and they are always listed as "last logged in today". This is mostly a fake deal. I monitored site activities when I was in Europe on biz and found that an extraordinary number of people within 50 miles of my US zip were listed as on-line when it was between 2:30 and 4:30 am in the US! FAKE!! The odds of finding a real woman on this site is worse than finding a damsel in distress in the Arizona desert. Look elsewhere.


IT s a Major Rip off don't fall for it. i too lost my money that way


I subscribed on the site and was contacted by a local girl (about 20 miles from me) and got in contact with here and still am. I believe who she is (otherwise she wouldn't speak Dutch anyway)and that she doesn't come from Nigeria like a lot of American or Britisch girls who are all stucked there with money problems (yeah right).

After long chats on MSN she said she was an escort and stuff, I met her a few times to get a drink (not the paying sex stuff). But all the others i got in conatct with are either stucked in Ghana or Nigeria or are in the paying sex industrie.

So if you want to meet somebody, there are better sites.


It's a scam. You get replies from hot girls who email you and say things like: What are your interests? When they know you can't reply because you haven't paid the monhly fee. They don't include their email address. It's a complete scam to get you to pay money. Once you pay it you never hear from any of them again. Logically, what would a young hot girl of say 18-22 want with an old guy . other than money. So guys if you are that desperate you best go find a hooker than waste your time looking at girls on HM. They don't exist. I have been a memeber for 18 months, and have not come across one genuine profile. If you say in your own profile anything about your contact details outside of HM they mail you back abd saythey dont allow it for your own safety. More like the safety of their pockets.


i actually had luck on this site and i didnt pay a dime. i sent a few winks, and one girl responded with her contact info. but after that connection nothing, only winks back but no info. i still dont feel its worth dropping the coin if half of the profiles are fake.


Total ripoff. I'm in Las Vegas, and I did a search of women within 10 miles of my zip code. What do you know, every hit was Elko or somewhere else in the north part of Nevada. Not one in Vegas? Give me a break! Also, I made my profile very time and money oriented, hinting that I wanted to pay for a quick encounter. The replies I got back were nothing like it, they were generic responses like "I see from your profile that we have a lot in common." Also, every day for a week I did the same search, and I got exactly the same results every time. No new members? Nobody left? I believe it's all an automated system, with 1 programmer behind it. The only good thing is that I sent an email saying I knew it was a ripoff and I wanted my money back, and my money was credited back to my card the next day.


Having spent two evenings looking over this website, I can guarantee anyone that the majority of it is fake. Like most guys, I've spent a generous share of my time on similar sites, so I'm very familiar with the general distribution of ladies- both in nearby areas as well as my state in in general. All one has to do is LOOK at the locations listed by the ladies on this site. I've never seen so many ladies from oddball locations in my life. The site has obviously put plenty of work into their automated coding for piquing your interest, but they've fallen short on the weighting given to 'where' to place these fake people.

Guys, accept the fact that all the hot 23-year olds that are burning for us 40+ guys....are NOT crawling out of the woodwork in cities with a population of 75! Goodness knows we'd ALL like to be appreciated by younger ladies, but we all know this site doesn't pass the sniff-test. When a 41-year old guy signs on with a 2-line profile asking for an NSA encounter and NO picture, ANY beautiful 25-year old lady that jumps at that immediately- is either fake or frightening. ESPECIALLY when her profile mentions nothing about preferring older guys!!! I got 4 on my first evening there.


I can tell you of my experience. First I joined for free and got messgaes and invitations. I could not reply to the messages as I was not a paying member. So I paid the membership. I sent replies to thoise who had been sending me messages and had no responses. Also after I joined the messages and invitations I had been receiving stopped. I think its a scam but thats what i think, I can only warn you you may waste your money for nothing.


I've actually met some wonderful women from this site.You do have to weed out the fake ones,like the young "lesbian couple" form texas or california.The admin's seem to be pretty quick in getting rid of them.There are a lot of fake profiles like every other site but after a while you can figure out which ones are real and which ones are not.Here's a tip guys...You're probably better off not using a picture of your "wood" as a primary photo.Surprisingly,this is a turnoff to a lot of women,even on HM.Make your description honest too.

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