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any feedback about ??

ex gold member

Yeah I got suckered for a a gold membership..Emails from a member nearby, never got a reply back.. had 3 emails from members...

2 which stopped as membership expired, took 3-8 days for a reply Evil they were all to get to "know me" better....any1 have a shovel for that??

The third one was actual woman... The email was able to specify landmarks and area features. Her profile was blank but her intro was complete. Met up for coffee and drinks a second time, have her PI....

My experience has been 1/5 is real!!


Horny matches is a scam, myself and 2 friends fell for it, got no responses at all. Its a total waste of time and i had more responses on other sites in a week than 6 months on HM. Dont fall for it like i did!!!!!!!!!


I joined horny matches as a standard member about 18 months ago just to see what it was like - I have had no problems - if someone who is a paid up member is interested in your profile they'll send you their contact details in a message so you don't have to use the site. I have found a lot of men don't fill in any of the personal details and their intro is either full of b/s or just says something like shag me... and if this is the case I don't reply to them...some of them are creepy and but more of them seem to take it way too seriously. I guess it's different for female members because as another post mentioned men are more likely to pay for the service but I haven't and I've met a couple of nice has become a friend and did let it slip that (other than me) the women he met from the site were either married, or psychos or both!! Don't use something like this expecting to find love or a relationship as you're just setting yourself up for disappointment Geek Rolling Eyes


This is onlinev from canada. I am a newbie of this site and i think this site has a lot to provide to the visitors.onlinev


I got emails from several women then joined and got nothing, most won't respond to a personal email address that way they can keep you as paying members. I thought I would send out a ton of emails and winks so I would send out 50 winks a day to a total of over 500 plus about 100 emails, not a single reply.
If you look in the search for your area you will see that the same women are on 24 hours a day 7 days a week for months. I would think at some point they would have to sleep or at least have a crap.
This site is nothing but a scam there are real people but very few and they don't show up in your searches, if you search you will see the people that wanted to meet you or sent winks are never online anymore but always show their last visit is today.
I emailed them saying what a scam it was and it was fraud of coarse they said they have millions of happy members, yea right the ones they made up, look at the photo and the age you have 60 year old womans photo with and her age says 29 never mind that go looking and you will see they have pictures of men that have a womans profile. These people make up all the ladies profiles with images stolen off the net some I have seen used for advertising, if you pay these people twice for the membership you should slap yourself up the side of the head and smell the coffee.


I have not had any probs with this site other than the usual things you find at all of them. Fake ads, fake winks, fake profiles. But come on, they got like 30 million profiles worldwide, that's a lot of profiles to fake. I don't think it's the best site for serious long term relationships, and I keep my expectations low, if I get a woman or two interested in dirty talk via email, I'll take it. However, like the one woman mentioned bout guys pretending to be women replying to her lesbian ad, I ran into gay guys pretending to be straight women, I've wisened up now. Just gotta use common sense folks. Don't join any site until you've at least seen an example of their profiles and full disclosure on the number of members. If a site demands I fill out a profile questionnaire before I've even gotten a glimpse at some samples, I don't join. Sites that have nothing to hide will at least give a free tour or let you search for free.

The best part bout Horneymatches, to me, is that you don't need to subscribe if all you want to do is look at photos. You can have up to 5 photos, nude or nonnude, as long as they aren't showing penetration or bodily fluids. That would have to go in a private gallery and you'd need to be a paying member for that. Their security is pretty good too. There is no way responders have access to private email addy's, and they review every profile and pic that gets posted. I tested it, I attempted to post a pic giving the world the bird and it was rejected on account of being offensive (my private parts in all their glory are not offensive, go figure).

While this thread is on the subject of scams, stay clear of Fling. They make you submit your drivers license photo in order to verify the rest of your photos, or something like that. I have nothing to hide, but it didn't sit well with me. My drivers license is my personal business and not something I want floating around the internet.

Good luck y'all and always be smart before pressing the send button.


they also post on Craigs List in the personals, pretending to be a person from your area, then you look up the name and the supposed member is in another part of the country.


I have met several nice ladies on hornymatches but I agree that is very difficult . It is very close to a scam but with perseverance you can get lucky.
Any recommendation for a genuine site ??


Quote by: Les

Horny matches is a scam, myself and 2 friends fell for it, got no responses at all. Its a total waste of time and i had more responses on other sites in a week than 6 months on HM. Dont fall for it like i did!!!!!!!!!

What other web sites?


I have hooked up with one female from the site, but honestly it is a total waste of money and a scam in a lot of ways. You're better off trying plenty of fish dot com, there are a lot of women on there secretly looking for sex. It was ironic that I received more messages as a non-paying member than I did as a paying one. Those winks and messages are mostly fake and merely a way to lure you into buying a membership.

The truth is all sex dating sites try to get as much money out of people as possible. Read reviews of any sex site that you fall upon before investing any money in it.

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