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Is Interdate S.A. a scam?

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They have done the exact same to me, they have sent debt recory letters to my home address. also I have contacted the debt agency to tell them how c dates whole website is a scam and I will not pay them, they said they'd look into it but im not convinced. Anybody have any advice on what to do next? Im glad im not the only one having this problem, its so obviously a scam as they do everything in their power to stop you from deleting account, I have also heard that as soon as you pay them they start your profile back up and continue to charge you even if you request to have profile deleted, so it is just a horrible circle that you cannot get out of


So ring your bank and flag as a scam if they took money. Secondly I myself am not on any dating sites been with my misses for 8 years and happy with her (even the days we argue about petite things) but yet somehow they got my card details and made a transaction of a few hundred flagged it with bank this morning and I should get it back. I am expecting they will try and send a debt collection company after me like they have with you but on court they would lose the case purely cause they have nothing but my card details and my internet provider will have history to prove I have not been to there site (unless it's a pop up on the corner) even then I am sure it's fraud as its not been willingly taken its been stolen.


a simple solicitors letter should shut them up at little cost.mentioning they're scammers and will notify the cops of fraudulent practices

Not happy

I have been charge 119 pounds on my card anyone can help please i dont even have account with that . Twisted Twisted


They are the worst dating company worldwide I'm suggesting to not even pay their collection agency this C-Date is a full-blown scam I had taken out a paid test subscription for 3 months without automatic renewal and they claimed I hadn't so they took out € 139,00 out of my Paypal after 3 months. I told PayPal since this was a non-auto renewal I didn't have to cancel the subscription but obviously, that is what Interdate had told them. I am now going to ignore them and see what kind of action they are trying on me. I am from the Netherlands



Cool Cool Cool Geek
Quote by: Anonymous

I have just received a letter from a Debt Recovery Agency asking for a payment of £130 for a subscription to the above site. I did not take out a subscription but did a trial subscription and unsubscribed from it. Had anyone on this site had a similar experience to me or can advise on how I should respond to this threat. Thank you in anticipation.y



Debt recovery company's have little powers apart from asking you to pay ..theyre are not the sheriff or bailiffs
so just ignore them as they have to go to court first and get an enforcement notice and they wont do that


Total scam. Subscribed for membership then realised it was a complete scam so unsubscribed almost immediately band now have a letter from an Irish collection agency.

Told them I'm not paying and this is a fraudulent attempt to extract money.

I will hold on to it for later.

Any advice?

I hate Interdate SA

Ok first off, the site is entirely a scam.

Most, or at least many of the profiles, are faked.

Secondly, after much research and back and forth with Interdate SA here is what they try to tell you.

You agreed to pay a recurring subscription, to a value of 19.95 (or local equivalent) for a period of X months. They then tell you that the amount is weekly, and they charge you for the total of the subscription in one lump sum.

I personally believed I was paying a one of payment of 19.95. I contacted them very quickly after seeing how much of a scam the site was to cancel my subscription. At this point I noticed a lot, like seriously, a lot of complaints about their pricing and over charging and essentially fraudulent practice.

I contacted them very quickly, both by email, and made the relevant removal of contract on paper by letter to their office in Luxembourg. Very unusual to begin with, which is the start of the alarm bells.

I contacted them and withdrew my contract. You need to do this withing 7 days if they actually give you some documentation at point of payment. I received absolutely no documentation either electronic, or otherwise, at point of payment. In the case where you have no documentation sent to you, you have 90 days to withdraw without penalty. They are required by law in the Civil Code of contracts of Luxembourg to reimburse, without penalty in this case.

The relevant law can be found in english if you search the term
"Law of 14 August 2000 relating to electronic commerce Luxembourg"
Note that the french version is the binding version but this is an english translation of the same law.

The relevant articles are found from Article 53 to article 56.

If you follow the rules laid out here, you are protected by law -
Meaning that if Interdate refuses to refund at this point (assuming you withdrew in time) then you can contact the Grand-Ducal of Luxembourg and report them to the monitoring Authority. From what I can tell they continually tell you that you do not have the right of withdrawal when the right and how to are clearly outlined in the applicable law.

This will also mean you were not negligent with your card supplier (ie the bank) and you should be able to contest and never pay them a cent.

My advice is do not pay them if you wish to withdraw.
Contest the charge. Follow the rules in the law, and you are protected. Also block them from making any further charges with your card provider.
Also make sure you do the fax or paper mail withdrawal of your contract!

Hopefully this helps someone.


luxembourge seems to be a hideaway for scammers outside the law

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