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received a cold email for this site which advertises..No fake profiles ,NO card details required and the women will contact you! sounds too good to be true so looking for feedback...

only for 30plus age groups for some reason....



a quick check sees that its not free but a premium site that charges for credits and women are all over the world

quote from review site

Tariffs at VictoriaHearts are rather clear. Registering and watching ladies` profiles are free services. If you want to make available plenty of other additional services you should pay, of course.

VictoriaHearts dating site offers the following types of subscription:

99 dollars for 20 credits
99 dollars for 50 credits
99 dollars for 125 credits
99 dollars for 250 credits
99 dollars for 750 credits

Billing Policy

When I have bought the required type of subscription, I will get a special Premium status. It allows me:

Sending and receiving letters
Chatting using instant messages
Sending various offline gifts and flowers
Sending online gifts
Seeing who watched your profile
Seeing who liked your photos
Making use of the improved live chat support

Moreover, VictoriaHearts offers another attractive option. It is called automatic buying of credits. So, every time your balance is empty, you will get additional credits automatically. ‘This option can be switched on and switched off in “Settings” section of your personal account in “Billing” category.



found this on site jabber reviews..looks like it stinks usual

The site is a silver pump. It is very difficult to get mail from a woman (it takes 500 chat) and it is very expensive (250-300 euros), and if she does not want to start again. Yes this site is a scam. There are everything, automatic profiles, profiles paid and real profiles, but which ones?, That is the question. Some are taken by professionals, the photos are beautiful, they are half naked and do not answer questions.

They have to be dismissed or ... enjoy themselves by discussing with them. The only solution is to ask very quickly the personal email or give his to leave the site, if the woman does not want to change it. It should not be forgotten that the monthly salary in ukraine is 267 euros! To be paid to dredge on the Internet this can make them a nice supplement of income ...

I made a screenshot of the number of messages and mails received in one month ... nearly 2000 of each. They arrive only when you are logged in. When connected we receive more than one message per minute by women who might be your daughter. It must not be forgotten that it will be necessary to move to see the lady, and at no time will it justify seriously by committing that she really love you or not
(i complete)
A rule has been added it is possible to directly pay 625 credit (150 dollars) to request the contact of the lady.

If you get, You will only have the mail or telephone of the lady. The ladies are bridges by their agency and you are not an additional information on it, such as its address. You will find that she does not speak English, even if it is written on her profile, but only Russian. She offers to meet him to come to Ukraine, go to his agency, pay an interpreter at 20 dollars an hour for, maybe she agrees to meet you, because at this stage she did Not have to prove at any time his feelings for you ...


“Victoria Hearts is a genuine Scam Site”

If you are lonely and you want a partner stay away from Victoria Hearts, It is 100% a Scam site raking in thousands per day from men who are lonely and looking for a partner. It uses professional models, as you can see from the photographs. Several of the models interviewed got paid a pittance for the work that they. If you ask a girl for an email or a phone number they cannot provide them, they explain that the PC has been loaned to them by the agency and it is locked onto the agencies website. If you ask them difficult questions they hang up on you. I hooked up with 2 girls Liana and Liliya. Both lots of pictures are beautiful but. neither girls could speak English (They were beginners) and they use Google translate to translate. the return messages came back in perfect English using many American terms in under 2 minutes, It is not possible. When I used Google translate to translate my messages into Ukrainian by the time they translated them to English they had no idea as to how to reply. Stay away from a very expensive SCAM.



“Victoria Hearts = Victoria Brides!”

I'm glad I found this site and didn't get scammed! The women's photos on this site are mostly made by a professional, which raised my eyebrows the first time I saw it. As the saying goes, if it's too good to be true, than it probably is. They have to reviews anywhere except on two sites, where one of them is named which is suspicious AF.

To contact a girl, respond to a chat massages or viewing some of her pictures or videos you get deducted credits. And obviously the credits have to be purchased at outrageous prices. Yes the women there are works of art, but they are sirens luring the vulnerable men to their financial doom.

Stay the hell away from this scam!


“None of the women on the site actually write you”

Do your homework fellas. Do you honestly believe models, for the most part, would actually call you "honey" and "sweetie" and say they want you to marry them without having met you. There are tons of YT videos which prove that many of these sites are staffed by people (men and women) who write the letters on behalf of the "agency."

Your Elena might actually be Igor instead!

You can change your name and nobody notices. You can even put specific questions in your profile description that you want someone writing to answer first, so you know that they are real. You'll get nothing but computer-generated letters or messages.

Bottom line is this: The women look nice and are real, just not real on this site. They are a front to get lonely men to buy credits, which go to the staffers.


“A Scam for sure. But the women are beautiful”

This site is out to take your money. Most of the girls are exceptionally beautiful.
The thing that tipped me off was the fact that you get no contact from these ladies when you are not logged in. That means no email or even likes. However once you log in it is like all the super models come out of the woodwork liking you pictures and sending you messages. But you cant chat until you pay for tokens. After you run out it shuts you off. You then log out come back another day and there are few to no messages waiting and then all of the sudden you are bombarded once again only not able to respond until you pay for more tokens.




“Victoiahearts is an elaborate scam”

There to make lots of money, money converted to credits, credits charged at 2 per minute to chat. $80 for 250 credits.
Fake your profile to be a street bum and hundreds of woman want to chat still.
The girl you pick from say Ukraine will have bad English even through a program translator then randomly has perfect English, so different people pretending.
They use minimal number of words trying always to get you to use yours and your credits.
They say you get the woman's contact information when you have spent 1000 credits but then the woman always rejects your request after you have been the love of her life earlier.
There is more bad stuff. Stay away, it is a scam that uses border legality to operate.


Quote by: Anonymous

received a cold email for this site which advertises..No fake profiles ,NO card details required and the women will contact you! sounds too good to be true so looking for feedback...

only for 30plus age groups for some reason....

Think about it. Almost every woman on there has 20 year old facial skin. In an impoverished country like the Ukraine how can so many perfect looking, totally looking hot women, be crawling over each other to marry you? Does that happen anywhere that is not set up artificially and at great expense?

Look at the unbelievable costs involved just to talk to these women. Lots of men spending way more than they would on a hooker just to text women whom you can never meet because the site is set up just to take your money and never get to meet any women? I think it's a scam. I would not give them a dime. If you can't make a connection where you can email or talk directly on skype with the 300 free credits why would you buy more?

Use up the credits and you'll see just how hard it is to actually talk to the woman by skype, phone, or email. Why? Because those women don't exist on that site. They probably look very little like the original woman they photographed. Look at all the airbrush work on faces, legs, breasts, and so on. That's only done to get you to cast aside your common sense and "believe" that gorgeous blonde really wants to marry you. LOL.


This site I believe is a scam the women seem I would guess are payed models and are on different sites such as charmed date if you will notice none of them look like they are hurting for anything, all have college degrees and very nice cloths and are in very nice settings and are professorially photographed it would seem that they just set there on a shift to get men to purchase credits and then I am again guessing that they get payed in kickback on how much they sale.

Andy Le Cornu

I have to agree, very expensive site. I got lucky, probably because I was searching in the 50+ age group. Pictures of a woman who looked 40 and a grandmother? After paying ridiculous money finally met up in the Ukraine, actually had a nice week, managed to talk through phone translate, she even came to visit me for three weeks. Had a really good time. Problems: obviously language, then culture, so different, not enough in common. Would I do it again, NO. Too expensive, don't understand women from my own country, ten times worse from there, stay away.

David Got Burnt

SCAM Warning. RED ALERT!!! VictoriaHearts is with out a doubt a HUGE RIPOFF Scam!!!!! Total scam! They getting RICH off your loneliness!!!!! They have players on there that keep you buying,.. these so call credits. Guys... listen to me! Let these bastards rot in hell! Don't go there! You will burn your money! And you will leave way worse off that when ya came. They bait you in,.. and the "girls" are sneaky good at it!... Alert! Alert! SCAM to suck your money not your ????. Girls are poor and feed off you!!!!!... F-THEM! Get a job! Hot babes pretending they RALLY like you! and when you say "Hey lets do this"! they back off and stall,,.. then they disappear offline for good,... cause they know they been found out. Tons of FAKE PROFILES,... Ran by some butt ugly guy,.. pretending to be a hot *censored* for you. SICK!!!! You want 500 stupid questions from girls? even after ya told them everything? then go ahead,... make their day! BURN your Money... And Your Pride.



Please stay away from this website. I have personal experience on this. I was take to A lady from Konstantinovka I thought her Name was Ksenia not true as I found her on Facebook different name, Оксана Марушкевич Смышляк now changed to Ксения Смышляк. Please check her photos out so you know who to look out for and stay away. I also met her in Kiev before I found out the truth, all she was interested in was how much she could get from me in the 3 days we were together. I can also confirm her so called interpreter was in on the scam as well. She was not needed as in her profile on Facebook she teaches English. So the website is a scam. The agency is and this person is only after your money nothing else.

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