Online Dating & Relationships Forums is a scam


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i cant really agree with you guys, i had been a member since 4 months and so far had 3 dates which were quite good. quality of the woman on there is very high, i mean in terms of looks. i cant complain, maybe the woman were simply not really interested?

You probably work for the site yourself, or you like making fun off others...
The site is fake, all right. All messages are written in an unnatural way, starting with words people usually doesn't start messages with. Especially but☺

Anonym Rob

je suis allé récemment sur ce site pour essayer de faire des rencontres chaudes? C'est une énorme arnaque site à éviter. En effet et d'une c'est très cher vous pouvez compter au minimum 50 euros pour envoyer des messages à la personne qui vous intéresse et d'autre elle vous fait parler donc dépenser de l'argent et n'est jamais prête à un rdv réel. En fait ce sont des hôtesses qui répondent aux messages et le site est truffé de faux profils fabriqués de toutes pièces. c'est une honte, de telles pratiques devraient être gravement sanctionnées.


When so many like me included feel that euro-chat is fake, then i really know my feeling is right.
Not a single one of all the ladies have been keen on taking the next step to chat on a social app.
And for those who read this and say that women would not be interested because of not taking a next step, that is not true.
When i first got mail from ladies i thought this would be easy...but then nothing happened and the word fake came into mind.
So don't fall the scam guys.


photos of women on this site appear all over europe in different cities on other date sites ,so they cant be covering the whole of europe .all fakes


yes for sure it is a scam, also experienced that the fake profiles, always replied very quickly even being offline, so for sure it is operators sitting waiting for someone to reply and then they are there quickly to steal your money.


Twisted scam scam scam don't fall for this.


SOOOOO much scam - I had a few longer chat sessions but it never led to anything but: "tell me more", "tell me more". So, I asked them to send an email to an adress I provided OR send a new picture that wasn't already on the site. Not even one thought it was a good idea to chat for free instead of spending $2 per message.

Then I sent new messages to several "accounts" asking for the same thing: an email OR a new picture... still not even one (out of about 30 profiles) wanted to send an email or a new picture. Thing is that it became very obvious that I was chatting with the same person no mater what account I sent my messages to. The same kind of language was used no matter if the person was a low educated 25 yo or a 50 yo doctor. He ( I guess it's a guy answering the messages) became quite angry and couldn't hide it when he switched between the accounts... it actually became quite funny!




Total Scam!!

For everyone listening. Please avoid the site EuroAdult. Person experience. First of all it is not worth paying 2€ to say hi to. They are not even from the place they are claiming to be nor are the pics genuine. They just use Google to answer your questions about the place you are from and make you keep chatting. Here is how atleast 6€ are going to go. What's your name? Where are you from? Can I see your pic? And Noone tells you the pic costs extra. When you will try to ask for phone number / skype / WhatsApp. You will get but i dont know you enough. And when you say you are leaving. They will be like please be a gentleman and stay for some more time, we will see where it goes Frown so save your time and money.

Thank me later.


A girl on tinder, she is a blond 28 years old and her name is Rosa left her phone number to chat on whatsapp, just to lure me to this crappy dating site. Of course I am to smart for that (lol) but I want to send a warning don't get scammed like this !


Dachte zuerst, vielleicht mal eine Seite, wo man echt jemanden treffen kann, aber weit gefehlt!
Die Mädels sind nur dazu da. dich in lange lapidare Gespräche zu verwickeln, keine Mail, keine Bilder!
Und das Schärfste, gleiche Bilder z.B. bei Moet86 und Martusia!!
Vielleicht ist ja eine echte dabei, aber dann fett häßlich und über 60. Cool
Da ist wenigstens Adultfriendfinder etwas besser!

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