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Elite Singles any Good?

Dan (from Canada)

HUGE Scam. I believe the website is setup in such a way that it misrepresents the response rate by forcing members to visit an individual's profile in order to see a picture of them, both during the trial period and after the paid membership begins. This generates false expectations and inflated response rates that, in my opinion, fraudulently misrepresents Elite Singles ability to provide the advertised services. I also asked for a refund after 10 days when I realized how they were scamming members. Of course, my request was refused. Other sites such as Plenty of Fish and are, again in my opinion, much more ethical and as such better suited for me personally.


Very few matches from my area and I don't believe many people were active on this site. Beware of the auto renewal terms as I've just been stung for the another £75. You have to cancel at least 7 days before the end of the term.


I can't stand it. You can't check out everyone on there, only those they match you up with. You get matched with people states away. You don't get to chose their height or body type, or even their zodiac sign. I was totally disappointed. You can't opt out once you sign up. I asked out instantly and I'm still stuck for the remainder of the comitment.


I had some good luck on Elite Singles. I met someone in under 2 weeks and we are still dating 3 months later. I tried numerous other dating sites without luck. Maybe it was a fluke but I have no complaints.

Not so happy

As a dating site it is okay initially but I guess the pool of clients is finite and not all geographical areas are so well catered for.
My biggest dissatisfaction is how heavy-handed the operators became over a payment and the lack of customer care from their inappropriately described 'customer care' department.
My bank issued me with a new credit card and in doing so they cancelled my old card. This caused a termination of my payments to Elite Singles. I genuinely thought my subscription had come to an end. Apparently not!

When I realised the situation, I was told a charge had been transferred to collection agency. I eventually found an email relating to his and it was quite heavy handed threatening further legal action (we're talking about €41 for a service I never got)
I explained the situation and raised a few points in a very constructive and polite manner (never saying I wouldn't pay). I got the stock reply regarding contractual agreement, referring me to the collection agency.
I replied, and in fairness, a different member of their customer care team offered a compromise that I had suggested. However despite emailing the collection agency, I have yet to get a reply.

My opinion: this is a company that appears overly focused on revenue generation at the expense of customer care. Should you try out the site? Why not...but once you subscribe I would immediately cancel the membership. You will still be able to use the site up until your renewal date but at that stage you can decide if you wish to continue
Otherwise it is a 'rolling renewal' and the money will keep coming from your account without any additional authorisation being sought. Their terms and conditions are weighted in their favour.
I never post on sites but this company were very poor in their dealings with me!


I met a few people.
3 nice guys and 1 nasty guy.
No chemistry with any of them.
At first, a lot of older men, who were well educated, but no physical attraction contacted me. Then I think ijust I am encountering fake profiles. Chat and disappear. And tons of profiles from out of province or USA or over 300km away.


Their customer service is poor, they send you poor matches, they put you on automatic renewal so they keep taking your money even if you're not using their service. They had just renewed my subscription without my consent, I had moved countries and no longer required the service so I emailed them to ask for a Refund. Obviously my refund request fell on deaf ears. They are very expensive at 134.GBP for 3 months and do not reflect value for money. Don't be fooled by their advertising - stay away!


Thank you all very much. I am a very busy professional. I live in a a very s mall area so the chances of meeting new people is very limited. joined a few other dating sites for a few weeks and after seeing the diversity I got discourage. I needed to meet someone more at my level. stable, professional, educated… anyhow thank you for all your reviews! you jus save me time, frustration, disappointed and money!
I appreciated. it


Like other users, I was drawn into a 3 monthly subscription with no possibility to uncheck an áutomatic renewal' which happens after your 3 month membership term ends and with no notice whatsoever. Upon contacting the customer service team they told me that it was in the terms and conditions when I joined and that it was my responsibility to contact customer service to cancel the automatic renewal. They refused to refund the $90 taken from my account for another 3 months I will no use- not just because of their terrible and unethical business model but because it was a terrible site; no filtering on partner suggestions at all.
Do NOT use this service. SCAM dating site.


Awful site I joined for 3 months and it cost £149.00 and I found it boring and nobody interacted .
I decided it wasn't for me so with 5 days to go before my membership ran out I cancelled my auto renew only to find that you need to cancel 7 days in advance.
I didn't agree with this so I stopped them taking money to auto renew from my bank only to be threatened with a visit from the bailiffs and court proceedings this is totally unexceptable KEEP AWAY

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