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Elite Singles any Good?

jo downes

I was disappointed in this site. I paid £89.95 for my membership. Can't remember how many months this was for now.
The matches never show any photograph like other people here have mentioned.
So I have found the site a total waste of time.
When you click on the photo it just asks you to update your membership to Premium!!
I joined eharmony about the same time and that is an honest site with plenty of members - for anyone who is interested.
I live in the UK.


A complete waste of time and money. Most of the matches they send me do not even have a photo up. When I send a request for one I often don't get a reply. Hardly anyone has even viewed my profile. Not sure these men really exist. Oops!


This is and awful site there are few photos and the one that are on are not in my area. I complained to someone named martin but he told me they will cancel my profile next year... keep your money people pof is a better site and its free!!!!


Hi everyone.
I've recently joined Elite singles for all the right reasons.
I am a female, 44, single, professional, pretty darn hot and, of course, very modestSmile
The same 8 matches and one replySmile
So I guess it's for both sexes.
I get about 6 matches a day but again even after changes the distance the closest single is in Albany, NYFrown
What had happened to NY, NY elitesSmile
And if I chose to pay for an "elite" single and half of them have no education listed and no pictures why is it any different then other sites.
Not happy.
Don't know how they can have good reviews and 4 star on App. StoreFrown
Good luck to all!!!


Thank you everyome for writing your review.. i wish i had read them before i signed up. It would have saved me $77.
II joined this site about 3 weeks ago. The majority of the profiles have either one or no pictures and the write ups are vague or one sentence which are not helpful in identifying the person. I have not found anywhere on the site where you can chat with others. Other than a smile sent or a notification of a picture being uploaded no one has responded nor sent an email. I am an attractive person and do not look like someone you would run from. So i donot think ot is my profile. Shoud you want to cancel i only found an email notification and that is a two step process. I have asked them to cancel membership. The concept of linking professionals together was great. Based on my experience this is a scam. MY ADVISE: DO NOT USE THIS SITE IT IS A SCAM!!!!!


The site is out of Berlin, Germany. I joined and am having good success, though it was slow at first. More people have joined here in Las Vegas, and more are responding to my profile than I had on Match. I'm juggling a few responses. The messages you receive are a list of people in your area that have updated a photo. That was strange to sort out. There are some 'real' messages among them. I did not verify my identity as this involved sending a copy of my I.D. to Berlin. Who would do that? I don't send it out here in the states.


Haha! Nada!

This has got to be one of the worst sites I've come across. And that's saying something. I checked it out because it was rated within the top five and I was tired of coming across guys who were wanting a more casual interaction and thought it would be nice to meet a few who were actually looking for something real. You know, some classy gentlemen! As you've all indicated they make you pay before you can do anything worthwhile. The expectation is that you'll get to see photos of the people whose profiles you're searching. The reality is 90% of them don't have a single picture posted. It's likely they started their profiles and then ditched the site before paying so none of these so called matches are even on the site. Lol! You get very few profile views, which begs the question if you're being sent to your matches as well...which should be the case... why are none of them clicking to even see if they think they might like to know more? They either aren't there or aren't being sent the matches.

By the same token I've been on POF for a few months and had over 100 guys want to meet me within the first 24 hours of setting up a profile ( opposite problem). So, it's not an ugly picture issue.

I haven't tried to get my money back from ES. I'm tired of the game, but no I do not under any circumstances recommend sinking $60 into this site. It is a scam. Seeing as no one's contesting these entries, I'd say they don't care much about their reputation. I'm slightly ticked with whoever rated them top five...I may try to hunt them down


I joined Elitesingles for a discounted 6 months membership. I only got to meet up with only three ladies. very few reponses to my smiles & messages.. the first lady was not attracted to me so I only met her once & that was to go for a walk, the third lady was just a quick coffee & that was it, never heard of either again... 3 months later I eventually got in conversation with a lady who was a complete fraud.. She insisted in only being friends. Because she had stunning pictures & profile I excepted friends..I met up with her three times took her to three concerts..she invited me to be friends on facebook..... I pushed the boat out for this day with flowers so might lead to something more. I was paying for everything even a 3 hour round trip to drop her home after each concert...

I got verbal abuse if I stepped out of line.. she demanded chivalry.. she complained of having very little money despite owning three properties..

She had only basic membership on Elitesingles.. costing her no money. I believe she was using the website to find men to take her out to concerts & shows & pay for everything. There is never an offer to 'go dutch'

She used me as a taxi driver & her minder...then she did not want to know me anymore...unfriending me on facebook.. and accusing me of being a lunatic & manipulative when I wrote her an email to complain..

Watch out for this lady she uses men for her own interests & with no respect... After this bad experience, I have unsubscribed from this dating site ..I spent over 700 euro on this woman & she would never put her hand in her purse once to pay for anything never mind a hug & a kiss. I was never invited into her appartment for a cup of tea after a 90 minute drive to take her home... & then I had a 90 minute drive back to Dublin in the middle of the night..

Her name is Cathy.

The fact the Elitesingles website automatically debits money from the debit or credit card without notice is proof that is a waste of time & a fraud.. Why would we want to renew our membership if we had met a perfect partner ?

We should be notified in advance within seven days that our membership is due for renewal & not the subscriber having to gave seven days notice.. Only that my card had been canceled due to a previuos fraudelent debit on my paypal account I would have had another six month debit taken out. When the debit was refused they demanded payment by email....I had the last laugh !

Me being me

It's a bad site. Honestly no one will respond more than 75% of the files have no pictures and no one will even respond to you. The only thing that's good about the site is the fact that they tell you how they check the site for catfishers/fake profiles and let you know about it. that's the only thing. I'm currently asking my bank to stop the payment it's crap


Glad I read these reviews!

With all the people interested here though, surely we could start our own dating forum? :-D

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