Subject: Love, but no sexual attraction

Posted on: 2006/07/22 01:22pm
By: Anonymous

I had a brief relationship with a guy I met on He was a sweetie and had good intentions. However, everytime we got close I would pull away. Its not as If I wasn't ready for intimacy. I just wasn't attracted to him sexually. I would almost never date a guy his size but he was very charming so I tried to get used to it. He really was in too me. But truth is, I was repulsed by his body (his boobs were bigger than mine). All the red wine on Martha's Vineyard couldn't make him seem any more attractive to me. I couldn't continue the relationship with him even though he was a nice guy because I am a very sexual and touchy feely person and I couldn't bring myself to it. Am I a selfish person for feeling this way. Cry

Love, but no sexual attraction

Posted on: 2006/08/31 01:28am
By: Anonymous

its ur fault.. i dated a woman just like u...u couldn't believe what nice men can do for their ladies..its agian ur fault.. Mr. Green

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