Subject: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2011/06/20 06:51am
By: AsianBeauties

Dating is stressful enough without having to come up with unique and romantic first date ideas. At our site, our clients often find that keeping it simple is better, there's enough pressure on you both as it is. What are your thoughts on where to take a girl for a first date? Wink

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2011/09/08 08:34am
By: Anonymous

This dating site: along with is not worth the money. Stay away from them. They provides fake girls with fake addresses. Believe me, you will get a lot of responses from the girls because everytime you read the letters, they will charge you. The girls will easily say that they like you and their responses are very quick. When I tried to meet the girls or communicate outside their website, they will make excuses. In other words, they become not interested with you. It's really strange, when I complain that the girl has give me wrong information, they told me that the girl was not live on that area. Then, the hometown address of the girl was changed. Obviously, I never talked about this new area with the girl. A very obvious fake girl.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2011/09/13 01:44pm
By: jimkarry02

A first date is all about first impressions and naturally, you want to make a good one. With all the pressure and nervousness we feel before a first date, it is not always easy to realize whether the things we do on a first date will leave a good or bad impression.

I would Do...
Make Eye-Contact
Give Compliments
Laugh at His/Her Jokes
Give a Confirmation Call

I would rather not do.....
Talk on the Phone
Be Late
Talk too Closely
Be too Aggressive or Direct

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2011/10/31 10:17pm
By: Anonymous

Also: cinemas are a bad idea for a first date. You spend 2+ hours in silence, not looking at each other, not talking to each other!

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2012/05/19 11:58pm
By: Anonymous

Those dating sites heavily airbrush the images, to make the East Asian ladies look as much like White women as possible. The guys getting scammed, are most likely vulnerable and lonely White men. People are usually more attracted to those who look like they are from the same race. They want to target White men with money. In Asia, they connect Whiteness with wealth. Although we know the truth, that wealth depends on the individual, not race. So it makes sense that the images of East Asian ladies are made to look like young and flawless White women, making passive poses. East Asians do not naturally have white skin, big eyes, curvaceous figures, etc., like White women do. Those are three big warning signals to watch out for. If you see those kinds of images, it's F-R-A-U-D. I hope this helps. We need to spread the word to our loved ones.

CHNlove and Idateasia

Posted on: 2012/06/11 01:08pm
By: Anonymous

I one hundred percent agree with what's posted earlier. Chnlove and Idateasia are both a big scam. Stay away and save your money. They charge for every email you send or receive. If you want to set up a "love date" Chnlove charges $139 for that privilege. A phone call is $7.00 per minute. IM chat is $3.50 for every five minutes. What's worse is you can't even be sure if you are talking to the woman in the profile or some third party translator or agency in China posing as this person. They also do everything possible to prevent you from exchanging any contact information. If the women in the profiles are real then I am fairly convinced that their profiles are being exploited by third parties because it is impossible to get any direct contact information on the women.

Posted on: 2013/06/06 03:02pm
By: Anonymous

I can only resonate unfortunately with what has already been written about these sites. Anastasia owns them all. It is a big scam. Stay away.

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Posted on: 2014/01/22 11:14pm
By: Anonymous

A first date is very impressive for every girl and boy. Go for coffee. That way it can be as long or short as you want it.

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Posted on: 2014/09/09 08:58am
By: Anonymous

Just impress her/him. Be natural, and keep your overall outfit just normal. You can also learn some tactics about how to impress a girl/boy. Start your chat with some normal subjects. Dating is nothing any rocket science, treat the things as usual and emphasize on developing a healthy relationship.

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Posted on: 2014/12/02 08:28pm
By: Anonymous

First, do not try to impress. Whatever impression you actually imparted to your potential lover unconsciously, let it be it.

Do not try to pretend to be someone you're not. It is a good feeling if he will get to love you "Just the way you are."

"Know and remind yourself often as to the nature of your own beauty and fabulousness."

Miles P. quoted "It's a turnoff for me when a girl pretends to like something just because I like it"

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Posted on: 2015/02/21 10:35am
By: Kristin

Just be yourself and be attentive to your partner.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2015/02/24 12:27pm
By: taniash

Eye-contact - the main thing as for me. maximum allowed - kiss on the cheek.

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Posted on: 2015/04/02 06:45am
By: VitalPartners

Yes, it's true that planning a perfect dating idea can be stressful as you never know whether the other person whom you will be meeting may like your theme and idea you prepared for a date. In fact, the most convenient option is to keep it simple like having a candle light dinner or a weekend brunch (something different) or may be pubs as chatting over drinks is a good way to know each other.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2015/04/21 01:36am
By: Marsha

Just be friendly, be yourself, engage your date in friendly chat, ask your date about his/her hobbies, likes and dislikes. Discuss things that the both person like. Don't do anything beside a good chat.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2015/07/01 12:07am
By: Turbandit

A first date is always a decision maker for any relationship so this should be always a perfect one. Wherever you take her doesn't matter but what matters is how represent yourself and try to please her. You can do many things to make her laugh, make her feel good, praise her and do everything that she likes and wants to go for an another date with you. Also offer her flowers, flowers will do great on your part.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2015/12/17 05:46pm
By: Anonymous

invite a girl to a nice restaurant Smile

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2016/11/26 03:17pm
By: Devon

I was searching for date ideas in forums. It depends on what type person you are and if you want to create a memorable experience. My first dates are usually dinner and just talking about goals and likes and dislikes. You can always go the safe route with coffee or dinner. I would not suggest a movie, it is not good way to 'get to know one another' or any other show or concert type of things. You will be spending money, time, and attention with the girl so before you do you want to see if all of it is worth it. You can do the following if you are male:

- Take control and make the suggestion and be resolute. Not a dictator style but listen to her suggestion as well. Confident and resolute men is what women want. You want to say I want to do .... I am sure we will enjoy it.

- Make it a place to create conversation and laughs

- Most importantly be yourself and just have fun when trying to see if you two will mesh.

If you are in major city go here they have great suggestions on date ideas
We went to dinners in the dark and we almost died from laughter.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2016/11/27 02:52pm
By: Anonymous

Don't pretend to be someone else, because it won't be long before us women will find the real you.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2016/12/06 11:20pm
By: willnilly

Confidence is very important. It makes your date more comfortable and they would feel more at ease taking to you. I came out as a lesbian a few years back and it was very hard for me at the beginning. But I knew the person I wanted to be and the life I wanted to live so the decision of that choice made me stronger and helped build up my courage. Building confidence and comfort is what matters the most.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2016/12/16 05:01am
By: Hawk

Personally l think the best thing you can do , apart from having nerves of course but , is just be yourself.
Dress comfortably too in things you would normally wear .
And yeah l agree just keep it simple , coffee or something. You just need to meet and spend some time together , see what happens , how it feels.

Funny though , one l met on a date site earlier on , she was 4hrs away so that was it , l was staying the night. On the couch that was.
Quite funny really. She was a nice girl but l had no inclination to sneak into her room in the middle of the night.
Next day we sat around a few hours having breaky and talking but we both knew there wasn't much there and later l said goodbye and we cuddled and that was that.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2017/07/30 12:32pm
By: Antohnas

Get familiar with her likes and dislikes. Try to impress her.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2017/10/01 01:32am
By: Anonymous

You need to prepare. Both physical
Travel Preparation Questions to ask Questions to answer
And need some questions to know the other party's opinion.

Since there is a first date, everyone is always excited.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2017/11/13 10:33am
By: Anonymous


Make eye contact
Be honest with your intentions
Keep it simple
Give compliments
LIsten, listen, listen when she's talking
Keep interested
Leave a good impression

Be cautious of dating sites. Though some may have found their partners, there is a slim chance of getting a serious relationship.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2018/02/05 10:10am
By: Andrea

Have fun and show that you’re having a good time. Chemistry isn’t built overnight and love never happens at first sight. In addition, it isn’t always fun if all they hear during your date are things your friends did.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2018/02/09 01:29pm
By: kaitlynlily6

I'd suggest coffee or drinks for a short chat but plan ahead. In case you two get along then you can proceed to the next plan like dinner of movies or strolling.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2018/02/21 07:46am
By: Andrea

I'd say, seeing a movie is a good start for dating.

Re: First Dates - What do you do?

Posted on: 2018/05/01 11:03pm
By: dawghoused

These tips can help you to make your first date successful and start a healthy relationship.

1. Know Your Dating Goals
2. Select the Right Place
3. Be Comfortable
4. Don’t Talk About Your Ex.
5. Avoid Over Questioning
6. Dress to Impress
7. Ask for Next Day

Make a good environment to understand each other on your first date. Have fun and give a wonderful start to a new relation.

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