Subject: Why do women bother with dating sites &dating in general who have no time?????

Posted on: 2006/02/24 07:04pm
By: Anonymous

I this countless times:

I have a hectic schedule , I want someone to spend quality time with (other words no time for less than perfection), etc.

I have talked to so many women that sounded at least a possiblity until I try to meet them or get a second date.

BTW: One phrase I am SICK of is 'Be patient and you will meet her'. I hafve been waqiting and dating for 25 years plus and the best I got was a nut case that lied constantly to me before and during our brief one year marriage . Then she robbed me blind in the divorce and has left me in poverty since 1999!

I suspect that most guys that have met the women I have would have turned gay after the experience.

Give me a break!

Then it's I'm swamped with a new work project, I juast got laid off (didn't you know this before we met the first time that where you worked was in trouble?) amoung the BS.

There is so much crap in the dating world as it is without this game.

Newsweek cover a week or so ago (Feb 22 I think) had the title 'dating over 50'.

After reading it, I wanted to
a. Move to Latin America where the women supposedly respect and love older men
B. Take up golf
C. Be a couch patatoe until I hit 65 aand assuming I am one of the few men left alive at that age, then I would be surrounded by women (probably with no teeth and sagging every where) but at least I would finally be popular.
D. Give up the idea of meeting anyone, develop my own interests (or take up old ones that I could do by myself that did not require another person).

There is so much anger in dating and the older I get, the worse the anger. I thought as I got into my late 40's, dating would be a breeze. I thought obver 40 women (and I have dated women in their 40's when I was in my 30's and they are TOTALLY different today).

The article in Newsweek pointed out that women don't need men except for 'playthings'.

There was this survey and guys wanted a retlationship or marriage and women just wanted a weekend lover and get out of my life during the week.

This country's population is going to die out unless either attitudes change or a law requiring people to date is passed at the rate things are headed.

Why do women bother with dating sites &dating in general who have no time?????

Posted on: 2006/02/24 07:07pm
By: Anonymous

The orginal post got scambled when it got posted. It was not written in the chaotic style that appears.

But what the heck, I am not changing anything and I doubt anyone will read the post or reply with anything insightful.

Why do women bother with dating sites &dating in general who have no time?????

Posted on: 2006/02/25 02:54pm
By: Anonymous

I hear you firebird. I'm 30 and I have the same feelings you do regarding dating. Luckily, I didn't marry my psyco-b*tch, just wasted 2 years of my life living with her. Anyway, that is a good question-why do women post profiles on dating sites, return my emails, then decide after a few weeks of dating that they "don't want a relationship" or they "just want to be friends". I've heard that cringe inducing, soul sucking phrase so many times in my life I should just get it tattooed on my forehead. Why don't they just say "You aren't good enough for me to have sex with you, but I will keep you around and sponge off you until I meet a man I will have sex with." You can probably tell I also have a lot of anger regarding dating and women in general. They need to quit the stupid immature games.

Why do women bother with dating sites &dating in general who have no time?????

Posted on: 2006/03/01 09:26pm
By: Anonymous

You have a right to be angry.

I could have posted the 'I like you , let's be friends' BS too.

Exactly right. Let me sponge off you until someone I want to have sex with comes along becuase your money is good enough buy YOU are not.

I too have develope a lot of anger and right now after so many relationship classes, therapy, mood drugs etc, I am giving myself a break from dating but that leaves a hone in your dating 'resume'.

'Why didn't you date for the last ____ years'. Because all you women were crazy ____.'

I would LOVE to meet a stright up woman but they just either are taken and guarded like gold by boyfirends, really want the bad boys (don't kid yourself they want decent guys, or they are the bottom of the barrell.

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