Subject: Cougar Dating sites? any good?

Posted on: 2011/04/13 05:36am
By: Anonymous

I am interested in dating a Cougar. But the Cougar dating sites all seem much harder to find older women interested in younger men. These sites all seem to direct me to

I was wondering, if this site is any good? I dont see it on the list of sites.

Re: Cougar Dating sites? any good?

Posted on: 2012/01/28 01:49am
By: Anonymous

I joined a site called getIton .com and in about a week sent about 8 emails and flirts and got responses from 200- 350 miles away ;but started to get repeat messages and then she asks me to sign in to another site to communicate easier than this one !! Free to sign up ? @ Adult Friend Finder ! That site doesnt allow free responses to email . or free membersearch ! what do ya do? Question

Re: Cougar Dating sites? any good?

Posted on: 2012/03/27 03:37am
By: Kuen

I was searching for a dating site before and I came across with it was a good site though and you can really pick a man you like. But I did not sign up because am afraid and not ready to join.

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