Subject: Be Safe About STD's

Posted on: 2010/10/12 01:37pm
By: Anonymous

WARNING :::: I have made several attempts to contact somebody on Plenty of Fish to inform them on a male who uses the site daily to find women.. This male has a life long STD...And I know as I am one of his VICTIM'S.. I have begged they remove his profile to protect all the female's he meets of this site...However they fail to do so... I opened an account and tried to warn people about him.. I did not give his name but did give a location...The city he lived in... That account lasted 3 hrs before they deleted it.. But mths later this man is still on the site making new victim's daily... Please people be safe... This STD is not even preventable with the use of a condom... This is a life long STD without a cure.. And no treatment is available....To me this site is as guilty of spreading this serious STD...As this man would not have the chance to meet these women without this site...

Re: Be Safe About STD's

Posted on: 2010/10/12 01:58pm
By: Anonymous

This is a 34 yr old male from Summerside PEI... I don't think legally I can give his user name... But this is a very small province... I did not meet this man off the site.. I was actually his long term girl friend... Unknown to me I had no clue he was using these site's until we broke up.. 1 week after we broke up I was diagnosed with this STD...They police have been involved as I have tried all in my power to stop this man from continuing to spread the STD...But unfortunately I cannot do any more...People just need to be reminded that having sex with different parent's is very risky.. I had no clue when I was having sex with my boyfriend that I was also sleeping with Lord knows how many women off this site....My boyfriend received the STD somewhere in order for him to receive and pass it off to me.. My life is ruined now... I can never again have sex with a man without him taking the chance of receiving this STD... This STD can be spread even with the use of a condom...It is a skin on skin STD called HPV... I will have the virus the rest of my life.I have enough respect for other people not to pass this off.. But this man is ignorant and has no care.. He is still out there sleeping with numerous women he is meeting off this site

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