Subject: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2007/04/25 09:55am
By: Anonymous

Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Singles are taking an extra step to ensure the people they are meeting online aren't criminals or married. Kimberly was twice betrayed by men she met dating online. Both turned out to be married. So she started doing background checks on her dates. Kimberly now 33 is engaged to a man she met online. Yahoo Personals, and eHarmony have a mainstream for about 10 million daters each year. Singles now draw on the security that background searches provide to verify the identity and background of their dates.

Daters- find out about your dates before you go on them and bring them home to your families.

Re: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2008/01/10 05:26am
By: Anonymous

Is dating not bad enough with background BS?

But on the other hand, it might be wise to do a background check on a woman that you were considering marrying (I wish I had but nothing would have probably turned up).

I might even if we moved in together. But as long as you retain control of your assets, use decent judgement , I do not think a background check for just dating is needed.

And how reliable are background checks unless you are the government and those don't always turn up problems with a person.

And the cheap background checks on the internet? Most are probably not worth it and at $30.00 or so dollars a pop, you will go broke (as if dating is not expensive enough these days).

Re: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2008/01/10 07:52pm
By: Anonymous

Just use common sense and bail if things don't feel right.

You have just as much chance as meeting some Twisted psycho chick Twisted at the bars than on some dating site.

Re: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2008/02/01 04:11pm
By: Anonymous

Wether you meet someone on a dating site or at the local club, you should run a background check if you start
considering marriage. BUT, only do this if ANYTHING they have told you about themselves doesn't 'add up'.
Don't assume everyone out there is out to screw you just because someone else did. You will never have a satisfying
relationship if you start off with that mindset. Keys to remember....

* Are they vague about their work or their family? Someone honest will be honest about both
* If you catch them at any point digging through your paperwork uninvited, looking at your check book or
asking for large sums of money...NOW you either run a check or you break it off.
* Do you frequently smell a hint of booze on their breath though they insist they aren't drinkers? Well, they're
at least liars. Good..bye..
* How do they treat you in general?
* How do they treat OTHER people when you are out in public? Are they rude, overly critical, do they eyeball
the opposite sex continually but seem to have a hard time keeping their focus on you?

The same common sense you would use in real life you must use, and more, over the internet. Wether the con artist
is someone you met at the grocery store or a website, they are a con artist either way and look....if you do find you have
been fooled before they've done any substantial damage to your finances or sanity, understand that their behavior doesn't
mean that YOU are 'bad'. Liars practice and learn and some get very good at it and would fool 99% of anyone they meet.
It happens. It feels bad. But if you become bitter, paranoid, and cruel like them...they win, because that means they stole
your hope too. Actually, they don't steal that from you. You let them take it away on their way down the road. Don't do that.

Re: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2009/03/18 11:40pm
By: Anonymous

Dont forget to show your love with gifts. Send her Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates. Use every ocaasion - be it be birthday, anniversary or anything.


Re: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2009/04/08 12:50pm
By: Anonymous

I know the anonymous post is older, but there have been several news stories about dating sites being sued or charged with crimes for misrepresenting their background checks, number of members, high pressures sales tactics, and charges for credit card fraud. I need a good place to run background checks on men that contact me for dates. I know there are places that run pre-employement background screening, but is there anyplace that specializes in background checks for dates. Doesn't anyone offer discounts for repeat business. If I only needed a single background check, that would mean that I met the man I will marry. But if i'm dating, I need one background check for each new guy, before I let him take me someplace alone. Running all those background checks gets expensive. There should be a dating discount.

Re: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2009/07/28 03:27am
By: Anonymous

Dating background checks are on the rise, and for good reason. The internet has become the main tool for landing dates and finding mates. Of course, a dating background check can ensure that the individual that you are about to meet has no record of a criminal history or violence in their past. This information can help you make better dating decisions and stay away from those who are simply untrustworthy.

There are numerous sites out there that offer background check services at minimal costs. Be sure to steer clear of sites that offer the service for free as they are prone to giving bogus and inaccurate results..

You wouldn't want to blow off Mr. Right due to a cheap and inaccurate background check report..


Posted on: 2009/07/29 06:10pm
By: Anonymous

Why do you let people promote date sites and products on this site - ADMINISTRATOR

Re: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2009/11/11 11:41am
By: Anonymous

Interesting how the internet has changed what is perceived as normal.
You meet someone at work, do you run a BG check on them? At church? Oh, of course at a bar...?
There is no better way than to trust your instincts, if yours are so bad you need a BG check, then you probably should not date. This doesn't mean that even your instinct may fail you... but the gut knows, and the heart shows what is or isn't there.


Re: Dinner, Movie - and a Background Check

Posted on: 2010/01/12 02:29pm
By: Anonymous

You bring up a very good point.

One of the big problems with online dating is that the backgrounds of the participants cannot be verified. In addition to criminal behavior, their is less dramatic but just as damaging intentional lying and misrepresentation of achievements. Frequently a man will be in a relationship for months by the time he discovers that everything on the woman's profile was either a lie or a gross misrepresentation. This can be devastating for the man, now hopelessly in love and finding out the woman is unemployed, not a stock broker, has been married 3 times, not once, and is totally dependent on him for support. I discuss this type of problem in detail on the website,

Garbage in Garbage out

Posted on: 2010/06/09 04:06pm
By: Anonymous

Old computer saying but holds true in all situations.

The internet is nothing but a way for lazy people to scam people. And so called background checks are usally a waste.

Think about it.

Unless you have access to a private investigator in a birck and moter store, you are dealing with the same crap you have with online dating. you have to trust a web page that you are getting accurate infor.

And as one poster said-dating is bad enough without background checks until you are ready to move in or get maried.

Use your instincts-cheaper

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