Subject: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2007/04/14 03:15am
By: Anonymous

For long I had the idea that Russian women are beautiful, intelligent, practical and probably the best brides in the entire world (maybe some you think alike), but I really want to know if it's true! Or if you can give me a realistic description for them, what does make them different from other women, what does make them the choice of many lonely hearts? Confused

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2007/04/16 04:18am
By: Anonymous

Your are right! Latvian and Russian women are the best. Latvian and ethnic Russian women are sophisticated, open minded, and sexy. They're well-groomed, paying great attention to their appearance. Most are highly educated, usually speaking several languages. To learn more about Latvian and Russian women visit local dating site

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2007/07/29 05:42pm
By: Anonymous

NEarly ALL Russian woman wanting an Americdan man is a scam for money or a ticket out of Russia.

I get e mails from Russian woman all the time. They are usually on free date sites.

And most are extremely attractive.

And ALL live outside Moscow always in a small town.

So why no women from Moscow itself?

Maybe too easy to verify if they exist?

Maybe too easy to visit because it it a real ___ to visit Russia and very expensive

So these women string you along, then ask for money to pay for the translations 9they don't speak Enlgish and have no computer at home but go though a 'service'.

Believe me, some of these women would put Hollywood actress's to shame in the looks department.

So if they are legit, I read that Russia has one of the fastest growing number of millionairs in the world next to China. Ironic that both are commie countries or were at one time.

So why don't these wondrful ,caring Russian women try for a man in their own country that at least lives in the same country and speaks the language??

It is all BS

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2007/08/03 02:24pm
By: Anonymous

I have something to add here for let you understand why it like that...

As I know ,many or most of those "russian girls" from small town in Russia,who fishing for money on dating sites-it's American or other men from diffirent countries!
It's some kind of business for them. And of course all those pic of girls will be very beautiful,because it's a some russian singer,actress,etc from (I seen it myself and recognise a few singersSmile. Some of the men who had this business already in jail(as I know they from USA). You can try to search for articles online about this.My husband seen that article about month ago,but I don't remember name of the site .

Many women in Russia like to marry american men,because we read everywhere,plus TV-that american men -is more family men and his family is most important to him. They don't cheat on wifes as it do russian ,italian ,franch or chinese men. Russian married men think that have a lover-it's normal.And who is rich -they supposed to have one! Frown Also they like to drink much.

I think you don't need to be affraid to have contacts with russian girls.Only never send money to them without previosly meet her and see how she live ,what kind person she is,etc.
(My husband came to visit me first,then he sent me money to go to another city for interwiev in american embassy and money for air tickets. From my place to USA those tickets cost 2 000$ and he knew that I can't affort it. ..

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2008/08/31 12:00am
By: Anonymous

To Firebird:

I'm 1/2 russian and 1/2 poland, very attractive woman and I have marriage with an american man for last 9 years. And what I find during these years about US man: selfish, Irresponsible, the fornicator, the liar and unfaithful.

One good thing about my ex, I have two beautiful kids from him and we leave verry happy without my ex.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2008/09/18 08:43pm
By: Anonymous

If you want to know the truth about Russian dating, I would highly suggest reading this forum below on dating and finding a Russian woman.

Russia and the Former Soviet Union countries are all getting more wealthy with oil and commodities. Moscow is now one of the most expensive cities in the world to live, and the reason why most Moscovites do not go on the Russian dating sites, is for the simple fact they live a comfortable life in Moscow. They have no need to go through the foriegn marriage route.

The scams are all done online. My advice is to read Russian Women Dicussion forums and learn the pitfalls of dating Russian women. There are great positives and negatives.

For the most part, Russian women take care of themselves more then North American women, and do not wear jeans and jogging pants when going outside their house. They tend to be more practicle because of the hardships endured in the previous Soviet era, and are very well educated for the most part. It costs a lot of money to court these women, as you have to travel to their country for visits. It can cost up to $30,000 or more for this endeavour, so I suggest you are finacially stable before this pursuit.

Also, a lot of North American and European men who look to the former Soviet Union for dating and brides tend to become sex tourists. Don't be one of those fools who goes out on multiple dates just for some one time fun. It ends up ruining your reputation and you can be put on the anti-date and scammer websites out there.

Good luck with finding your love.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2008/10/20 06:38pm
By: Anonymous

Okay, I will admit it – when a buddy of mine first told me that he was using a website called and that I should check it out, I was more than just a little leery. I’ve been burned by online dating sites before – both because the women I thought I was talking to ended up being nothing like their pictures (and occasionally not even women!) and because of the irritating and hard to get rid of viruses and worms the sites in question placed on my computer. Still, after a couple of weeks of him raving about this site, I decided that I might as well check it out, and boy was I ever glad that I did! is a site that specializes in helping men meet, date and, if desired, marry Russian women. The first thing you notice when you get to the site is how well designed and easy to use it is. Featuring dozens of articles on the dos and don’ts of this kind of dating, an almost exhaustive FAQ which outlines exactly what they can and can’t do for the customer and an up front, easy to understand explanation of their pricing system, the site is incredibly easy to navigate. You can tell that these people are proud of their business, because unlike other similar sites, they put everything right up front. If this kind of dating/relationship building isn’t for you, half an hour exploring the amazing amount of information available for free will send you on your way with a feeling of no harm-no foul. If this is the kind of service you are interested in, however, these folks make every effort to ensure that you make informed decisions that are right for you.
What really sets this site apart, however, is the women – thousands of women – located both in Russia and Ukraine. From 18 to 45 years old, the selection of women you have the opportunity to meet online is virtually staggering. You are encouraged to begin pursuing a possible relationship with a woman who catches your eye by exchanging emails (the site’s least expensive option) and seeing where it goes from there. The odds of anyone finding their perfect match on the first try are the same online as they are in the real world, so this is a good, safe and inexpensive place to start. If, after exchanging a few emails you would like to pursue the relationship further, they offer a number of other options, including real time chat and streaming video dating. Most importantly, unlike many similar sites I’ve tried, the women really are who they appear to be. Representatives of have verified the identities of most of them, and an icon indicating that their identity has been verified appears on their personal webpage, accessible through the site.
Obviously, this type of dating/relationship building isn’t for everyone, but if this is the kind of thing that appeals to you, Dream-marriage is about the best site of its kind that I have found on the internet. I recommend it highly.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2008/11/10 05:00pm
By: Anonymous

I have read some of the preceding posts in this thread with utter disbelief. Guys, are you kidding me?

I would be EXTREMELY suspicious of ANY website that portends to match you up with Russian or Eastern European women. I would be even more suspicious of contact initiated by a woman on a "western" website (ANY website: match, yahoo, plentyoffish, etc.) who says she's from Russia, especially if her site profile gives contradictory information. And for goodness sake, don't send ANYONE money (or plane tickets, etc.) before you meet them! I would guess that 99.9+% of all such online contacts are scams.

Very recently, I signed up on a free dating website (mingle2). Within a few days, before I even posted a picture, I got a message from a woman whose profile said she lived in the midwestern US (I live on the US west coast). I wrote a brief response but was already highly suspicious. In the lengthy email from her that followed, she said she was in Russia, gave me a long song and dance about wanting to leave Russia, and attached pictures of a drop-dead gorgeous woman. Frankly it was so obviously a scam that I found it laughable. But I guess loneliness breeds vulnerability, so some guys sadly get taken.

If you want to try to start a relationship online, especially a long-distance one, and ESPECIALLY with someone overseas, please, Please, PLEASE be extremely careful! Don't be duped.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2011/09/29 04:07pm
By: Anonymous

I will give you first hand experience into Ukraine Dating. I am now 62 years old I was 57 at the time I took a trip to kiev Ukraine. I was looking to have an affair with a Russian Girl. I did it by the numbers sent several replys to internet postings with a picture of myself. i never had a problem with stating my Marital status. I established several on line relationships with beautiful 40ish woman I settled on the one that was really seriouus about spending the time with me:two weeks. We met at the hotel in downtown kiev. I must say she walked through the door of the hotel: i knew it was her: I was totally estatic with her poise and beauty. She was my image of my Ideal woman, tall, thin and humble. We each passing day our relationship grew close and closer. We traveled by train to Odessa and I stayed with her in her Apartment. I must tell you I lost my mind with this female. Unfortunetly I returned to the US and had to come back to reality. The moral of the story is see which one you have the best chemistry with , trust your gut and go for it.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2012/02/13 10:44am
By: Anonymous

Tips on using 'Anastasia', 'Anastasia Date' or any other similar name for the same agency.
From my experience, don't use it. However beautiful the girls seem, they're paid to communicate with you. Buy credits to send a girl a letter, send her your personal email address.... and for sure she will only reply via the website, tempting you to buy more credit. Guys, use your brains... it's a total scam. There should be a governing body in place to have agencies like this struck off.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2012/07/14 04:48pm
By: Anonymous

Just became a member at . Its a huge rip-off. They have 3 memberships : basic , premium and vip .
I took the premium which gave the impression of free email contact . But its not true : you can only send one email and the rest have to pay for each mail : 8$ ... ouchhh!
Furthermore the ladies are PAID for there contact with you because they encourage you to take the vip membership which is almost $50 .
They have some beautiful ladies who try to seduce you to go for a chat which is crazy expensive . The beautiful ladies say they have only " agency-email" or " there own email is too slow for contact" . All lies!!

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2013/10/24 12:27pm
By: Anonymous

Warning - not about russian women - but about the scamming dating sites ...

Hotrussianbrides is a very sophisticated website, very slick, both in appearance and in every thing they claim.

The on the site are paid - maybe not directly by the website, like the website says, "we don't pay the women, that would be unethical". But the website is a portal for "dating agencies" and the dating agencies are paid for site usage (every letter adn minute of chatting costs money on the site) and the agencies pay the girls.

They recruit girls - they also provide the girls with computers and internet access - computers which block all other communication programs like email or skype.

The agencies use ghostwriters - they use fake profiles - one ghostwriter will often work as many as 20 fake profiles.

Occassionally a ghostwriter will start to feel guilty and will spill all the information about how the scams work.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2013/12/12 11:54am
By: Anonymous

Found elenas models to be the best, in fact meet my girlfriend through them.
Meet others (girls) in Moscow in person, and the woman were completely real and as stunning as the pics.
So I can say that this site is in fact real, compared t the other 95% of them which are complete scammers. However to say that there wouldn't be some scammers on this site (elenas models) would be pretty stupid would think. Just be sensible and state quite clearly to the grls from the start about your fears of getting scammed. And how you will not enter in to any money giving etc etc.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2014/06/08 08:34am
By: Anonymous

Elenas Models is indeed real, I met my wife via that website. For the most part it is true about Russian women. Beautiful, intelligent but most of all very family and marriage minded. If you are ready for a serious relationship, then it is a great way to meet someone on the same page. BTW, there is so much scams, fakes and expensive rubbish out there.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2014/07/24 02:04am
By: Anonymous

Heads up, After 2 years look at varies Russian Dating sites best value for money and realistic ages differences has to be Elena's Models.

You do not get bombarded with girls who want to chat with an old man as you do with Anastasia. Anastasia uses Sub agency and can not control them after all the revenues in USD this is the key for these guys, so work it out. If you are getting excuses that they can not load Skype, Yahoo and other basic communication software then think again.

Baltic Ladies, well do not bother another revenue raising exercise for both parties as is Anastasia. The signs are there for investigation in fraudulent behavior but it will not happen as men are too embarrassed to admit burning a few dollars. Watch your heart and Wallet.

Conclusion Elena Models smashes the rest, good work, your site will over take the rest.
Anastasia and Baltic Ladies well think again unless you want blow some dollars.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2015/04/07 12:47pm
By: Anonymous

I found this site

Scam as hell...maybe the ladies are real but they want you to pay for communication and they don't even arrange for a trip to meet them!!!

I mean, they cannot make so many ridiculous profiles but paying $100 of dollars just to chat isn't fair.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2019/03/19 07:09am
By: Anonymous

Yeah in my experience (I've tried 3 different ones), all Russian women websites are complete scams. Do not trust them. All the women are paid to string you along as long as possible.

Re: Russian Women?

Posted on: 2019/08/21 02:09pm
By: Anonymous

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