Posted on: 2019/07/04 08:52am
By: Anonymous

I've never been to the site
They buy up phone list
# Verizon
Got my phone and email info
Then started cover # sending emails , got to my bank . transition, EQUAFAX and my bank all in one day contacted me to call them via they're http address secured site phone customer phone services fraud unit
It was posted before I knew it I had a compromised email!
I've never been on a dating site or anything of the sort! But folks they are dark marked web per transition,EQUAFAX,and my bank!
NIGERIAN RELATED scammers , they will rob you blind! Word to the wise
# change your pass words often or make it very long , write it down and never hit remember password , your phone carriers have all this stored in their systems ,VERIZON was compromised and they did sell phone list to 3rd party investors for sales , that's how they got my info!

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