Subject: Match, Tinder, etc... How do they share their user data?

Posted on: 2019/06/29 06:24am
By: Anonymous

I read on this site that Match Group owns a whole bunch of dating services including, Tinder, OKCupid, POF, OurTime, etc... and I wonder how they all share their user data? For example if I have a profile on Ourtime will it appear on POF or Match?



Re: Match, Tinder, etc How do they share their user data?

Posted on: 2019/07/02 05:51am
By: Anonymous

its the biggest money making scam of modern times so theses sites multiply like rats to ensnare unlikely victims
with their card details sucked into their machine to hoover their bank accounts ..without the fake profiles men have little chance due to the bad odds not in their favour ..its best to chat women in public places to find a date

some holding companies own 1000s of sites as their playing the numbers game to make their millions usually out of the way of the law in some obscure place on the planet where they cant be touched by consumer affairs programs ..UK TV has had a number of exposes on their crooked practices throughout the recent years..dont get sucked into their schemes

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