Subject: I don't understand this guy or what to do

Posted on: 2018/04/20 09:38pm
By: Anonymous

I'm really confused as to whether or not this guy likes me. Out families are friends but he and I hardly ever see each other (I've known him for several years). I saw him a few weeks ago by chance and ended up at his house. We were laughing and having a great time and he seemed to really like me (he took an interest in my new phone and laughed at practically everything I said etc). A few weeks later he and his family were over for dinner. He was extremely hyper and jumping all over the place. He sat next to me at dinner and asked me constantly about all the things in my house and complemented my room etc. At one point he brought up his ex-girlfriend which kind of threw me off. He then indirectly gave me his number and texted me after he left where we had a very brief conversation where he kept continuing the convo even though there wasnt that much we were talking about. He has not texted me since. I thought he liked me because he was flirting with me on more than one occasion and he started texting me that evening, but if he hasnt texted again/since, doesn’t that mean he isn’t interested? I’m worried he only sees me as a friend/family friend. (Also note I am a year older than him and he seemed upset hearing that). Furthermore, if he brought up his ex isn’t that a bad sign? Others have told me that I should text him but I don't want to make it awkward if he isn't interested (although in retrospect he could be thinking the same thing).

Re: I don't understand this guy or what to do

Posted on: 2018/04/29 11:52am
By: Arlyngton

Don't think you should read too much into things just yet, I mean he could've been getting to know you, being polite, that's his personality, etc. There's a whole variety of potential reasons, but if you're interested in him, wouldn't it be better to just text him first and perhaps building up some level of friendship from there first?

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