Zoosk Study Finds Gen Z Daters to be Most Open-Minded

  • Monday, December 10 2018 @ 09:06 am
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Zoosk Generation Z Study

Dating apps have taught us to be discerning and to not waste time on matches who don’t meet our requirements. After all, there are so many choices! But Gen Z is about to change things with a different attitude and approach.

Dating app Zoosk analyzed more than 5.7 million of its profiles and surveyed over 4,000 daters on the site to see where the differences between the generations lie when it comes to dating preferences. As it turns out, Generation Z (the youngest group of dating app users) tend to have a much healthier approach to dating than Millennials, Gen X and baby boomers.

According to an article in Marketwatch outlining the study, Gen Z are the least picky daters, and swipe yes to 33% of potential matches. This is 15% more than millennials and 20% more than Gen X and baby boomers. This increases the odds of meeting in person and having more dates, but younger daters are also typically less interested in more serious relationships and opt to meet more people instead.

Gen Z also doesn’t hold to the traditional stereotypes when it comes to dating. Instead of waiting for the man to make the first move, Gen Z daters aren’t afraid of reaching out first over an app regardless of gender. Fifty-nine percent are indifferent as to who makes the first move, 2% more than millennials, 8% more than Gen X daters, and 7% more than baby boomers.

Dating app Bumble made a name for itself by eschewing the stereotypes too, encouraging its female users to make the first move. This approach (and its 40+ million users) might also influence dating behavior across other apps, including Zoosk. Younger daters have embraced dating apps for their personal lives more than older generations, and Gen Z grew up with smartphones – so technology plays more of a role in meeting people, especially as they enter the dating world. Perhaps this cultural shift allows Gen Z daters to embrace a more equal playing field when it comes to online dating – without adhering to traditions and gender roles their parents feel more comfortable to follow.

According to Zoosk, Gen Z daters are also less likely to go for the more expensive dates of drinks or dinner, opting for coffee dates instead. They don’t take a serious or romantic approach to dating, but leave it casual, which means there’s less pressure for the date to be perfect. The flip side of this casual approach is that it isn’t always clear if it’s a date, or if your online match is even looking to date.

The bottom line is the culture of dating is changing among younger daters. They are moving further away from tradition and embracing a new, more casual, open-minded and more inclusive approach.