Zoosk’s First Study Of The Year Reveals The State Of Romance In 2018

  • Friday, February 23 2018 @ 10:00 am
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Tick, tick, tick… the countdown to the end of February is almost over, the month with Valentine’s Day. Dating services are still in full swing and are still going strong.

Zoosk took the opportunity of the holiday to survey its members about what romance means in 2018. With so many singles now turning to technology to find someone special, dating looks more than a little different than it did in decades past. But are we less romantic as a result? Or is Cupid working his magic just the same as he always has?

After surveying 9,000 members and reviewing data from 750,000 profiles and 200,000 messages, Zoosk has confidently declared that romance is alive and thriving. The study reveals how modern singles express love, which romantic words will get you matches, and which gifts and gestures are sure bets for impressing dates.

Here are a few highlights:

Online daters are old-fashioned but not hopeless.

82% say they prefer ‘old-fashioned romance’ over ‘modern romance’ and 79% believe chivalry isn’t dead. Those who refer to themselves as a ‘hopeless romantic’ in their profile can earn up to 38% more incoming messages than average, a number that proves they’re not so hopeless after all.

Mention these words in your profile to boost your romantic appeal.

‘Old-fashioned’ and ‘hopeless romantic’ both stand to boost your inbound messages (by 16% and 38%, respectively), but the real winner in this contest is Mother Nature. Including the word ‘flowers’ in your profile increases inbound messages by 52%.

The most romantic dates are surprisingly simple.

No need for grand gestures to make a date swoon. The majority of daters (75%) say ‘snuggling in front of the fireplace’ is the most romantic date. Other popular suggestions include ‘candlelight dinners’ (58%) and a ‘picnic in the park’ (45%), as well as a ‘scenic drive’ (which was a top date idea for 46% of women) and ‘stargazing’ (which was a hit with 60% of Millennials).

Gestures don’t need to be complicated, either.

While 70% of women said a ‘romantic getaway’ is the most romantic thing they can imagine, most romance doesn’t require nearly so much effort. Sixty-nine percent of women said ‘offering support and encouragement’ is romantic, while 66% said ‘hugs or kisses to say thank you’ is an ideal expression of love. For men, the hugs and kisses ranked number one, followed by ‘offering support and encouragement’ and ‘caring for you when you’re sick.’

When it’s time to gift, these presents are top-notch.

Stick to event tickets and framed photos and you almost can’t go wrong. Sixty-one percent of women and 51% of men think ‘tickets to an event’ are romantic. Fifty-one percent of women and 54% of men say a ‘framed photo of the two of you’ is a great romantic gift. If neither of those ideas suit your special someone, try flowers for women (54%) or cologne for men (21%).

To discover more from the survey, visit Zoosk and to find out more about the dating service you can read our Zoosk review.