Tinder Offers Expanded Gender Options for its Dating App

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Last month, Tinder rolled out a new feature for its popular dating app that provides daters with more gender options to complete their profiles. Following a similar move by OkCupid, Tinder users will be given more options than just “male” and “female” when selecting a gender.

By selecting the “More” option, users can choose between almost 40 identities, including “non-binary,” “transgender woman,” “transgender man,” “transmasculine,” “agender,” “two-spirit” and “other.” Users can also write in their own gender identity if none of these options apply.

According to website Slate, this was a move forward by Tinder to reach out to the trans community, who have reported being discriminated against and harassed on the app. Trans users were frequently reported as “spam,” or accused of trolling on the app, typically by other users who weren’t happy to be matched with someone who was trans. As a result of this false reporting, trans users often found themselves unfairly blocked, as Tinder didn’t have the capacity to thoroughly verify each complaint.

Also, trans users found themselves having to explain their gender identities to potential dates and matches before meeting, which caused confusion and frustration for both sides and stalled the dating process.

"Gender is a complex conversation—it's an ongoing dialogue," Tinder CEO Sean Rad told USA Today. Now with the app’s new feature, there is a way forward that is more inclusive.

Tinder developed the new gender identity feature with help from Nick Adams of GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), trans activist Andrea James and the creative team of “Transparent.” It was important for Tinder developers to build a feature that could be as inclusive as possible for an evolving trans community. Tinder’s goal is to welcome and encourage trans daters that they can find love online, too.

In an article about the new feature, The New York Times stated: “[Tinder’s] move, part of the a push against persistent harassment against transgender people on the service, was hailed by community advocates as an important example for other social media.”

Tinder posted a video on YouTube called: #AllTypesAllSwipes: Introducing More Genders on Tinder to introduce people to the new feature. The video features various trans and gender non-conforming people discussing their issues with online dating, and how Tinder is working to help them feel more included going forward. The video also features representatives from Tinder explaining the importance of the gender identity additions to the future of the app.

The video states: "Everyone has the right to be who they are.”

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