These Are The Safest States In The US For Online Daters

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Safest States for Online Dating

In an era so steeped in dating app culture, users are finding increasingly inventive ways to swipe. Gone are the days when these apps were just about meeting a mate - today they’re used for everything from connecting with business partners to finding tour guides while traveling.

In the latter case, singles update their location in the app, then post a note explaining that they’re visiting and looking to meet locals who are interested in showing them around (what happens after the tour… well… that’s anyone’s guess). It can be a great way to immerse yourself in a destination, but according to a new report, it may be safer in some states than others.

The report by and home security company Safewise used the FBI’s most recent crime data, plus STD rates from the Centers for Disease Control, to rank all 50 U.S. states and D.C. according to safety for online daters.

Vermont came out on top as the safest state in the nation. The report notes that it has an older population and the lower crime rates that often come with rural areas, as well as fewer STDs per capita due to effective sex education.

The remainder of the top 10, in order, is occupied by Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, West Virginia, Connecticut, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

At the other end of the spectrum, Washington, D.C. was named the least safe location for daters by a wide margin.

“The District of Columbia’s rates per capita for both violent crime and STDs are almost double the rates in Alaska, its nearest competitor on our Most Dangerous list,” reads the report. “We do see some predictable reasons for the alarming stats in DC, including a concentrated and heavily populated urban area accompanied by a younger population that doesn’t benefit from state-mandated sex education.”

The quality of sex education in a state proved to have a strong influence on its safety for daters.

"We found some obvious correlations in the data between rates of crime and the rate of STDs per capita in certain cities,” said analyst Kaz Weida. There was “an extremely strong connection between the absence of a sex education program and that state's percentage of STDs.”

"The data on this is clear," the report says. "If your state talks about sex, specifically contraception, it has less crime and STDs. Go figure."

The rest of the top 10 least safe states are Alaska, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nevada, South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama.