The Meet Group Announces Updates To MeetMe App

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MeetMe adds 1 on 1 video calling
Image: The Meet Group

The Meet Group, the Pennsylvania-based parent to several dating and social networking apps, unveiled two new sets of features for its flagship dating and livestreaming platform, MeetMe.

The first updates focus on making MeetMe a safer, more welcoming and more inclusive space. The iOS and Android versions of the app now have a more prominent Report Abuse button - the largest, according to CEO Geoff Cook, seen in any major livestreaming app so far. When a user taps the button, a screengrab is automatically taken and sent to the company’s moderation team. The moderators can immediately review both the screengrab and the active livestream in order to take appropriate action.

The company also introduced a full-screen statement of its content standards that streamers will encounter each time they want to stream. They must manually accept the terms before they can begin their broadcast. New users must go through a waiting period before they can go live for the first time, during which they are encouraged to review MeetMe’s Content and Conduct Policy.

“We are taking meaningful steps to further strengthen what we believe are already industry-leading online safety standards for our apps,” said Cook in a statement. “We expect to add each of these features to our other apps in the coming months, as we continue to lead in livestreaming safety and moderation practices.”

Larry Magid, CEO of ConnectSafely, said: “We appreciate The Meet Group's leadership on abuse-reporting practices. A commitment to one-tap reporting of content, whether livestreams, photos, or profiles makes sense for the whole industry."

MeetMe’s second recent update brings the app’s most-requested feature to life: one-on-one video chat.

“One-on-one live video provides the opportunity to get to know someone safely without exchanging phone numbers,” said Catherine Connelly, Vice President of Brand Strategy at The Meet Group. “One-on-one video adds yet another tool in our safe meeting toolkit, something we encourage all our members to do before they consider meeting in a safe place. What’s more, short of meeting in real life, nothing provides a better sense of who a person is and whether or not there is chemistry than a one-on-one video chat.”

Users can initiate video chat requests by tapping the video chat icon in the app. Requests can only be sent to users with whom they have previously exchanged messages. Recipients of a video chat request can accept or decline the request, and can block or report abusive users if necessary with the one-tap report abuse feature.

“With roughly 50% of our daily active users on MeetMe engaging in one-on-one chats without visiting our broadcast video feature, we believe one-on-one video chat has the potential to introduce more users to our interactive video platform to make meaningful connections,” continued Connelly. “We look forward to expanding one-on-one video chat to our Skout and Tagged apps in the coming months.”