The Meet Group Announces 3D Face Verification

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  • Wednesday, March 11 2020 @ 01:51 pm
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MeetMe 3D Face Verification
MeetMe 3D Face Verification

Can you ever know, with complete certainty, that a match you’ve only communicated with online is who they say they are? Although the number of real singles using dating apps continues to grow, so does the number of bots, scammers, catfishers and other imposters of the digital world. The Meet Group hopes to thwart these scourges in 2020 by introducing ways to enhance authenticity across its portfolio of dating apps, starting with 3D face verification.

The idea of using images to verify a user’s identity is nothing new. Current incarnations of this concept often rely on users submitting selfies in certain poses or holding up a piece of paper that displays a specific code. Once these photos are submitted, a human employee compares the selfie to the uploaded profile photo to confirm the owner’s identity. This method is time-consuming and labor-intensive (and, as The Meet Group CEO Geoff Cook noted in a blog post, “not exactly foolproof”). 

In search of a better solution, The Meet Group has begun leveraging biometric face verification technology from FaceTec to authenticate users. FaceTec compares a live 3D person to their 2D photos. Because it recognizes human liveness, it is highly accurate in detecting bots. FaceTec’s technology may also be used to implement advanced age screening at the time of the identity verification scan. When it launches, this is expected to be the first AI-powered live 3D face verification system in any major dating app.

“With FaceTec, in just a few seconds, users will be able to prove they are a live human (not a bot) and that they match their profile photos,” said Cook. “Users who prove their liveness and match their uploaded profile photos will get a badge displayed on their profiles throughout the app… in other words, no more catfishing.”

Tech-savvy singles are likely to have questions about privacy and security with a feature like this. The Meet Group says the processing of the images will take place entirely on premises in its existing environment, without any sharing to third parties. The verification scan will only be done if a user provides express consent and the information will be used solely for verification purposes.

The Meet Group plans to go live with the new biometric verification system with MeetMe in Q2 2020. If the initial launch goes well, the company may introduce additional benefits of verification over the remainder of the year. This is one step of a larger plan to make online dating safer that Cook shared on LinkedIn at the end of 2019.

“Safer dating is an endless pursuit, and one to which we have fully committed ourselves,” he said. “With this and other planned 2020 launches, we look forward to making progress against our safety goals, while working collaboratively across our industry to deliver on the promise of safer dating.”

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