The League’s New ‘Power Play’ Feature Helps You Hack Their Algorithm

The League
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If there’s one thing every online dater can agree on, it’s this: they all want more matches. More matches mean more dates, more dates mean more chances of meeting someone special, and more special someones means eventually finding the someone who takes you off the market for good.

As an online dater, you have an effect on how many matches you get. You boost your odds by choosing the right photos, writing an attractive profile, and crafting intriguing messages. But as carefully as you try to present yourself well, you know it’s not entirely in your hands. Working hard in the background of every dating site or app is an algorithm that also has a say in how many matches you receive.

The League's newest feature helps you game that system and use the algorithm to your advantage. Called Power Move, the feature has been compared to Tinder’s Super Like. Both allow users to show special interest in someone. The difference is that Tinder’s free users automatically get one Super Like per day, while The League’s users must pay $7 each time they want to make a Power Move.

The idea for the feature came from The League’s CEO and Founder Amanda Bradford, who explains the inspiration behind it in a blog post.

“I hate to admit it (especially as the CEO and founder of a dating company), but I hardly have time for dating,” she writes. “if I see a profile I think could be a ‘match’ AND I actually have time for a date that week, I want to jump on the opportunity right away.” But there’s a catch: “chances are, I’m waiting in line behind a lot of other people who have also ‘hearted’ that profile.”

A popular member will have a long line of users who expressed interest before you, leaving you stuck at the end of the digital waitlist. Because of the way The League’s algorithm works (also explained in the blog post), they may not see your profile for weeks. And that could be a problem.

Bradford spoke with users and found that many had the same issues she did: it was difficult to align with someone on timing, availability, and motivation to turn online dating into actual dates. “Looking at all this data made me realize The League needs to also prioritize profiles based on INTENT, not just probability of match,” she explains. “Our probability algorithm needed another variable to know that a user REALLY likes someone and is motivated to meet them in person.”

Power Move was born. The feature signals to The League’s algorithm that you’re serious about meeting in person and allows you to skip the waitlist of the profile you’re interested in. You’re guaranteed to show up in their very next batch of matches with a special indicator that shows you've made a Power Move.

To make a Power Move, users of The League must tap on the lefthand icon after they’ve hearted a potential match. A personalized note can be included through their concierge to maximize the first impression.

While the $7 price tag may seem steep to some users, plenty will consider it a worthwhile investment to cut the line and get closer to someone they’re crushing on.