Tantan’s User Base is Growing Rapidly in India

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Tantan dating app is popular in India

Chinese dating app Tantan, which was recently removed from the Chinese app stores, is on the rise in India. The popular app has gained traction among singles and is now the fifth most popular dating app in the country.

“India is one of the fastest growing internet markets in the world, hence it’s very important to be present and win in the Indian market,” Tantan told Quartz. “After doing a soft launch in India, we learned more about the market and users which helped us in serving the market better.”

India has recently become a focus for American dating app companies like Match Group and Bumble. Match Group has added a key executive overseeing the region and has put marketing resources behind its star dating app Tinder, which currently is the number one dating app in India (as of March 2019). Bumble partnered with Priyanka Chopra to promote its app among women, emphasizing its social and business networking apps in addition to its dating app.

Tantan however has been gaining traction without all the press, according to website Quartz. A year ago, Tantan didn’t even make the top 10 of India’s dating apps, but was in the top five by July of last year.

According to Quartz, Tantan has managed to grow market share outside of the major cities in India where apps like Tinder and Bumble are focused, which has become a huge advantage. Tantan advertised on TikTok, a popular video sharing app, and was able to reach people in small towns.

Interestingly, India has become an attractive market to Chinese apps once they have saturated their own market. Generally speaking, Western countries aren’t as open to using Chinese apps, and so the focus has been on emerging markets in Asia, according to Quartz.

One concern among daters in India is that some dating apps have been used to set up fake profiles, which has allowed prostitution rings to flourish. Tantan’s tagline is “Date For Real,” and emphasizes that its technology enables it to track and remove fake profiles. A few weeks ago however, China banned Tantan from its own stores. While it’s not clear why exactly the app was removed, it seems that the Chinese government is cracking down on mobile apps where pornographic content can be easily shared. The government also alluded to companies taking advantage of private data and putting young people at risk.

So far, India has not followed suit and the app is still available to download. Tantan and parent company Momo say they are working to comply with Chinese regulations.