Reddit Users Reveal Their Biggest Online Dating Turn Offs

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 Popular Online Dating Turn Offs

When you have a question and access to the internet, Reddit is the place to get it answered. A user of the popular site recently posed this question to members of the community who use dating sites: ‘What information about a person makes you leave/ignore their profile immediately?’

As of this writing, the post has garnered nearly 3000 comments from singles eager to share their two cents. The advice covers spelling errors, emoji use, selfies, profile cliches, and more. Read on for a selection of Reddit’s top tips for online daters.

#1 Stay Positive

User DDfnord says “any show of anger or flippant disregard” is a major turn-off. A profile offers limited space in which to present yourself - don’t waste it focusing on negative subjects.

#2 Choose Your Photos Wisely

This should be a no-brainer, but a surprising number of people get it wrong. Reddit users were particularly down on group photos that make it difficult to identify that owner of the profile. Poor quality images were also slammed for making it impossible to tell what a person actually looks like.

#3 Avoid The Overused

Online dating profiles are bubbling over with worn-out words and phrases. Reddit users listed some of the most serious offenders, including “I hate fake people,” “I love to laugh,” and “I don’t like drama.” “Just ask” was an especially loathsome phrase to many commenters. “If you can't give me a base personality to work with, I don't feel like playing 20 questions to see if you're someone I even should be talking to,” writes DDfnord. “Also, you've already shown your hand: you're lazy.” User scorpionjacket agreed: “If they can't put in the effort to write 5 sentences about themselves, they aren't gonna put in the effort to meet up with me.”

#4 Employ Emojis Sparingly

Everyone loves those cute, colorful characters, but emojis can quickly slip into “too much of a good thing” territory. Reddit user rammbro listed “excessive use of emojis” as a top online dating pet peeve. Many users were quick to comment with further thoughts, expressed entirely in emoji (because, well, why not?).

#5 Don’t Bash The Medium

Pro tip: talking about how much you hate online dating isn’t a good way to date online. Neither is talking about how embarrassing it is. Also a no-no: complaining about how difficult it is to sum yourself up in a profile. Everyone knows it’s hard and they tried anyway. Do the same without complaint.

#6 Decrease The Dealbreakers

It’s important to know what you want and don’t want in a relationship, but it’s overkill to list a litany of dealbreakers on your online dating profile. User omg__lol says “We all have preferences, but starting out with a sour comment...doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy about meeting up with you.” Know your don’ts, but keep them private.