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  • Thursday, August 15 2019 @ 10:50 am
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Hily is a relatively new dating app that is just 2 years old. Hily stands for "Hey, I Like You" and has gathered over 5 million members since launch and is now a top 10 revenue generating dating app in the app stores (iOS and Android). When Hily launched they touted their artificial intelligence (AI) which is designed to help stop scammers and fake profiles being created. Hily also has AI which is used for matching members together. The more you use their app the better the matching will be as Hily will learn what type of profiles you like based on who you view and like. Working on our review we found Hily is geared more to younger adults and has a similar swipe mechanics of liking or passing on matches as other competing dating apps.

Hily is one of the few dating apps doing well that is not owned by a larger online dating company that has multiple brands. Alex Pasykov, and Yan Pronin are the founders and Hily's headquarters is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For complete details on this dating service including a list of features, pros, and cons of the service, you can read our new Hily review.